LEON Imber is the latest Southend United fan to have his say.

Southend United won.

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

I’ve found myself with an extra spring in my step this weekend, one that certainly feels unfamiliar, for we haven’t been victorious since March and even then, relegation was a certainty.

This win really felt a crucial one, for probably the first time this season I was left feeling hopeful. Hopeful that we weren’t going to be subdued to poor performances and heavy defeats for much longer.

We saw a performance where all the boxes were ticked. Tactically it was spot on, all the elements of a battling performance were there. We had glimpses of real quality.

Through all the criticisms he has received (unfair criticisms in my honest opinion), Mark Molesley deserves so much credit for picking up his players and inspiring the display at Walsall on Saturday.

It had been a tough week for the club, losing to non-league opposition and getting thumped by Colchester. To fight back in the manner that we did against Walsall was not only impressive but unexpected.

But we want a follow-up.

Performances like this are no good if in the next match doesn’t deliver the same levels effort, grit and determination.

After all, we were hopeful last season after the 1-0 win over MK Dons that we could fight our way out of the relegation zone and that it would kick-start our season. We lost 7-1 to Doncaster Rovers a month afterwards.

Walsall are a decent side let’s not forget. They had only lost once in the league before we visited on Saturday, we’ve shown we’re good enough now. We must show that more often.

We need everything on our side. The embargo lifted, players to remain injury-free and please, Ron Martin, no blunders with players’ wage payments. Staying up is all we ask and if Molesley can deliver this on his first season at the club, he deserves huge praise.

Honestly, I think we can do it.

Really, we need to do it, Southend United is not a club of National League calibre.

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