DEAN White is delighted to be back as Thurrock T-Birds' director of rugby.

White had been with the club for 16 years before stepping down from his roles with both the men's and women's side three years ago.

But White has now returned to the club.

"After being contacted and being told the T-Birds were looking for some support I started talking to a few people at the club," explained White.

"They said they would like some help with the T-Birds again in a director of rugby type role.

"They were keen on bringing someone in with women's rugby experience.

"After a few discussions and a lot of talking to the wife I decided to step up and restart my passion, that had never really left me, for the club and the T-Birds."

White is well equipped for the role and looks back fondly on his first spell in charge.

"I coached the T-Birds for 16 years previously and was also the club's director of rugby for three years," recalled White.

"Some of the highlights that stick out are the T-Birds' promotion into the Premiership and the season in which the men's first team were in the running for the title with a few games to go," said White.

"That year was 2015 and it was a good year as the club had gone from fielding only three senior sides at a push previously to having four sides and were pushing for five. It was also the year we launched the rugby academy which the club benefits from even now. "

However, White feels things have altered since his departure.

"Things have changed," said White.

"The T-Birds have been very successful with recruitment and the team has changed a lot.

"Emily Scott and Andy Yarrow have done a fantastic job at settling the side and being very consistent in the Championship. The club itself has also undergone a transformation with the new school onsite. The main committee have made some real positive changes to the club and it will be great working with such great facilities."

And White is now keen to help the club push on even more.

"My main hope is that we can continue the progress of the T-Birds both on and off the field," said White.

"If the goal is to get back into the Premiership then the first step is to become the best team in the country outside of the Premiership. We have a number of commercial areas to look at, medical arrangements and performance related goals to hit before the application process to get back into the Premiership begins. I hope we can achieve these things and if we can then the future looks very bright for the women's section."

But White is still not sure when the T-Birds will be able to start playing once again.

"It is very frustrating not knowing when games will restart but hopefully we will see some local live rugby in the new year," he added.