SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin is hoping to clear the club’s transfer embargo 

Blues are currently unable to register Sam Hart and Simeon Akinola due to the restrictions in place.

But Martin believes the situation could soon be sorted and revealed the Shrimpers are also in talks with a striker.

“Three players, Kaz (Sterling), Ash (Nathaniel-George) and Emile (Acquah) will continue to miss out on Tuesday due to Covid,” said Martin.

“However by the time they return we should also be free of EFL rules restricting new signings of late, hopefully the week beginning the 30th.

"Sim (Akinola), Sam Hart, who is expected to be match fit, and perhaps a new striker with whom we have been in discussion could all very soon be available.

“Maybe in a couple of weeks Kyle Taylor should also be recovered from the tweak to his hamstring too.

"With other senior pros now back or coming back, John White and Alan McCormack in particular, we shall begin to look a very different and more experienced squad from that which started the season.”