ANOTHER frustrated Southend United fan has contacted Echosport to have his say. 

Surely the time has come for a complete forensic examination of the financial documents surrounding Southend United.

I have supported the Blues since 1956 and do so even not living in the town these days.

I live up north (Pickering, Yorkshire).

The club has always ambled along just managing to the exist, despite some former chairs' efforts to run it into the ground.

I agree with previous correspondence that something is badly wrong within the anonymous hierarchy, robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn’t work in any walk of life.

All other small clubs have managed to get new stadia by being realistic in their targets.

Martin must sell up and face the consequences of his greed and avarice.

A new broom in the boardroom is the only answer then and only then will we have a team that feels secure personally and professionally.

The staff are all on financial tenterhooks every week.

How can they be expected to perform at their best?

Get him out now and ask the FA to scrutinise the books.


Pickering, North Yorkshire