CONCORD Rangers manager Danny Scopes was delighted with his side's win against Bath City this evening, reports Theo Beevers. 

The three points came in dramatic fashion with debutant Ryan Charles scoring a stoppage time winner to secure a 3-2 victory. 

Scopes said: “I think that’s (late goals) something we’ve been renowned for over the years. I’ve stood behind that goal and celebrated late goals as a supporter as well.”

“I said to the boys on the bench I felt we were going to go and win it. At 2-2 I felt we were knocking on the door; I could see that we were going to score, and I’ve seen it before, so I’m really pleased for the boys.”

Despite thevictory, Scopes called for his players to stay grounded and stay focused on what is ahead: “It’s important that we don’t get carried away because it’s one game and we haven’t been good enough in previous games really. Been a little bit unlucky in some moments but probably not good enough across the 90 minutes.”

Amidst the elated chaos today were 221 fans who are the fast spectators to be let back into the Aspect Arena for over eight months.

Scopes went on to exclaim his pleasure at the fans' return: “It was nice for us to give them a win, I think that’s important that we give them something to cheer about. The boys said that it’s been hard without the fans and they use that as a bit of an excuse, I’m going to have that, but the fans are back and it’s good for football.”

“It’s not just good for Concord Rangers but football in general, and hopefully we can grow, and more fans can come back and that’s a positive step forward hopefully.”

There were a couple of injuries to players during the match, with ex-Southend midfielder Jack Bridge being one of the victims: “We've got a couple that have a bit of fatigue, Bridgey came off with a bit of a hamstring (injury). It sometimes happens when the pitch gets a bit heavy in places, but that’s why you have a squad.”

Scopes found a silver lining to the injuries, claiming that it gives the rest of the squad an opportunity: “We had two or three that missed out today and they might get an opportunity to come back in and show what they can do.”