BILLERICAY Town and Concord Rangers have both had their say on whether or not the National League season should continue.

National League clubs have been given three options after being told loans were now the only source of funding available from the Government.

Clubs have been told they can access individual loans, share a central loan paid to the National League, or suspend the season.

Both Billericay and Concord line up in National League South.

Here are their views.


"I have chaired our club now for just over 20 years and during that time we have never borrowed a penny and we certainly would not looking to start now.

"What would happen if the league loan option was taken but we did not want the funding?

"My personal belief is that if we cannot get the DCMS decision overturned then the season should be suspended and a decision made on null and void or PPG.

"I think you have missed the biggest option, that if you were to suspend the league and get the backing of the FA, EFL and Premier League you could reverse their decision.

"Myself and Mark (Dorking) showed with our ‘Let fans in’ campaign how the power of social media and the backing of many can get the government to sit up and listen."


"It’s such a difficult one.

“On a personal level I don’t think we should have started the season but I’m not talking about finances.

“Unlike in the Premier League we aren’t being tested on a consistent basis.

"Our players still have second jobs, they do trades and are out there in the community as much as you can be in lockdown.

"Financially it’s just not viable going down the loans route, clubs will never recover from that. I

"’m not talking about Billericay here but all it does for some clubs is almost delay the inevitable.

"It makes things more difficult and it’s difficult enough as it is.

"Our revenue is still about getting fans through the gates for all teams at our level.

"If you haven’t got that or it returns in a staggered way then where’s the additional revenue to pay off a loan let alone survive next season.

"If it was my call I’d suspend the season but if you had other board members from other clubs on this call they would be say that’s easy to say when you’re 16th.

"I suspect it will end up being a split vote.

"Those teams who have invested in this season and have ended up near the top will want to continue and the teams below will say there’s no point."