SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 3-1 defeat to Bradford City.

For three games in a row we have failed to compete after half time and it has to be said that the system seems beyond the players - when the best set piece deliverer is sitting in the stands you have to question the team selection. Nevertheless the lack of a striker is obvious


MM clearly tried to address our lack of goals tonight by telling players to get forward more, which is great in principle, but we left the back door open and they scored two breakaway goals! Disastrous last three home game defeats, so we’re back needing a miracle again to stay up.


Very disappointing but not unexpected. National league awaits after 115 years in the football league.


Not sure why we’ve all of a sudden changed to a back three after being so solid for weeks. Now’s the time for Ron to back the manager. Massive few days left of the transfer window.


It doesn’t really matter anymore, we need to go to 4-4-2 we need a striker, MM doesn’t seem to grasp that we are running out of games fast. It’s too late to sack him, transfer window is our only hope but who will want to come to us. So sad but the end is nigh.


Formation poor. Need attacking signings Akinola can’t do it on he’s own without any support. Need two forwards and attacking midfielder in urgently.


No points out of nine in a week at Roots Hall. Simply not good enough. The back three/five simply does not work. Hobson had looked so strong as part of a back two. RHF doesn’t seem to be the answer and has looked poor. Third or fourth chance to get off the bottom and we blew it again!


Garbage. Formation is terrible and we don’t have the players to use it effectively, no legs in midfield. Akinola a lone wolf up top and the wingers were too isolated. Need two forwards and an attacking mid for us to stand a Chance from here on IMO.


After a good December in which we redeemed ourselves and looked as if we might be able to survive it now looks beyond hopeless.

We need that striker in NOW Ron!


It’s heartbreaking.. I want my football club back


From the first five minutes it was obvious we were out of our depth. We gave ourselves some hope with the goal, but we couldn’t compete all over the pitch. So often our entire midfield bypassed. The team are working hard, but we need more than that.


Second best all night. Ron's financial management of the club has left it in tatters. MM out of his depth in League Two.


Since the change in formation we seem to be going backwards after the improvement during December. Players look uncomfortable with it. We keep saying it but we are lacking a striker that can bully a defence and score goals. Sim is isolated. We had a 20 minute spell that was it.


Could someone at the club take ownership of the type of footwear our players are wearing as they always slip over more than the opposition, practicality rather than fashion should be the order.


Woeful. Truly woeful. How does Molesley expect to win a game set up like that? If I see White hood another ball into touch or two an opposition player I think I’ll scream. Woeful.


The good run of December is clearly over, recent matches are proving who actually wants to play for the club and we just look like we don’t know what we do when we get the ball in a attacking position, very disappointing - just want my club back.


Relegated by the end of March


I’m starting to think some of our players get their position decided by spinning a wheel. ANG at CM. Taylor and Halford having played every position bar keeper this year. Bwomono going up while Reeco dropped back at some points. Need some signings urgently!


Disaster of a week. Need a miracle now to survive. Desperately need more options up front.


We looked harder to beat with 442 so why change to 541 for three home games in a week that we desperately need to win?The squad isn’t good enough and MM seems out of his depth. We need some quality in quickly before the transfer window closes.


We just don't look comfortable in this formation. We've got alot of good players in there and I just don't think we're utilising them properly. Akinola and Kyle Taylor in particular are being wasted for me. Such a shame but it's not too late to get things right.


Aanther poor one,we really had a chance with these last three home games to have put ourselves in a much better place but again we've got a mountain to climb. All I can say is what you going to do Ron? We need a team not a stadium at the moment


Two mistakes for the last two goals caused by over committing going forward, when we were in the game so patience was required. The game also highlighted that Akinola needs help up top, which has been obvious for a while. Other teams not pulling away but we have to capitalise on that


The good run of form already seems a distant memory. Mark has to take some blame with this formation however, we all know there’s one main issue at this club. RM’s once again failed to back his manager when publicly stating how important it is.


Brainless schoolboy football! Everybody runs forward and then runs back when we give the ball away, only their forwards ran quicker. We need a striker or two, but even that would be papering over the cracks of a poor side. If we don’t score first, we won’t win. We’re doomed.


Wrong formation, AGAIN! Players don’t look comfortable, out run in midfield, no one to support Sim, wing backs not working defensively. Desperately miss Olayinka and Macca. Clifford needs to be starting. Non league here we come.