SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Bolton Wanderers.

MM is setting up his teams to not lose rather than win the game. Far too many defensive midfielders we may as well go for it against the top teams 4-4-2 . Still have little faith in him to save us.


Yes it was a bad mistake. No point dwelling on it and MM will be trying his best to keep the squad as upbeat as possible. With games slowly running out we can't bemoan our luck and misfortune. Definitely no point in hanging Ox out to dry. We have to believe. What's the alternative?


Never going to win it, 0-0 at best. MM's tactics and possibly some of the players aren't good enough for League Two and do not create scoring chances. We badly need Ranger and Holmes fully fit and in the starting 11. The only bit that worked was the defence.


We need Ranger to be fit as soon as possible and also Olayinka. It was a dreadful error, he should be making sure of that, no excuses. We didn’t deserve to lose, but the cold hard facts are, we did, we took no points and we can’t afford to take “no points” in games.


Just cannot fault the overall effort from the players. We were the better side. Squad getting stronger. Goals will come.


Good to see us pressuring teams in their own half and Akinola did well up on his own but just shows we're missing a second striker to give him a partnership. Hopefully Olayinka coming back gives us more in the final third. Next two games are going to be really tough.


Another positive second half performance and deserved a draw unfortunate goal to give away but Oxley has saved us points in other games.


Another game we haven’t got what we’ve deserved, it’s a common theme throughout this season and it’s becoming very tedious saying it over and over again. Terrible error cost us the points. Thankfully Barrow lost as well to keep us out of the drop zone.


Up until an individual error, I would have taken a point, we're at the bottom end of the table not the top, we were doing enough to deserve at least that. Gutted.


A familiar Oxley mistake aside agree that we can’t keep relying on clean sheets. Unsure why Ferguson, who is a goalscoring midfielder seem to play the holding role. Hart for Clifford sub was bizarre. ANG did some nice stuff but no options when he looked up. We need to SHOOT!!!!!


Not an Oxley fan and indeed an error which we have become accustomed again happened but there are some short memories as without a few of his saves v Newport we would be sitting in the bottom two this evening Lets get some balance.


GUTTED, we deserved at least a point. Best team in the second half by far, one mistake did for us. Had to just jump and tip that over, but c’est la vie i guess just sums up our season.


We looked like we were asking all the questions. We also didn’t look like conceding until Ox has had a complete stinker. It’s been a while, but it’s those mistakes which cost us a lot at the start of the year, and could cost us our League status.


Yes we lost. Yes Oxley made (another) error, but in other games has saved us. Yes we have three of the top five next. Yes teams below us have games in hand, but, the teams below have to earn those points yet. We aren’t in the relegation zone and we have two possibly three players to come in yet.


Rode our luck through most of the game until 'that' incident. ANG needs to shoot. Clifford MOTM. Akinola battled well but needs support up front. Disappointing after the last two games.


It’s not individual errors that will cost us in the long run but the lack of attacking threat. Surprised JD played so far forward. Would like to see Goodship and Akinola up top with Holmes as a number 10. Showed once again that we are hard to beat. Keep the faith.


Odd tactical choices. Need more aggressive attacking central midfielder so pointless having Kyle on the bench and JD, a right back, playing there. Why has Goodship not been given a chance to play with Sim rather than persevering with the Acquah experiment?


I can’t believe all the comments slating Oxley. Yes it was a bad mistake, but without his form this season, I feel safety would have been out of our reach. Much the better side in the second half, but lacking a presence up top once again. Need Nile fit and firing ASAP.


Good performance again but cannot see where the goals are going to come from to win matches. Error cost us in the end.


Fortunate not to concede in first half, unfortunate to lose the way we did having been on top second half. Need to be braver in final third and pressure defences more. I can’t remember their keeper having a save to make.


It's seems to be an age old problem for Blues. We are masters of our own down fall once again. Somehow we have snatched a defeat from the jaws of a deserved draw. These basic mistakes continue to be highlighted due to our major lack of ability to score any goals.


An OK performance in terms of us moving the ball around but no end product what so ever. Get Ranger in asap. MM made wrong changes aswell and yet another silly mistake costing us the game once again. Good to see Holmes in a Blues shirt and ANG played well once again!


Game was there for the taking. Oxley will rightly be criticised, but we are still so toothless going forward. Some encouragement as players seemed a little bit more willing to shoot, but we just don't create enough chances to get away with such a massive blunder.


Tactically poor, it's either 10 men behind the ball or run round like headless chickens, no structure to our attacking play, Akinola has only scraps to feed off. A positive approach to home games is an absolute must, basics.


Overall a solid performance but Oxley’s mistake cost us another priceless point in our survival hopes. However, the main ongoing problem is that again we’ve failed to score. Unless this problem is solved soon, it will be impossible for us to stay up.


We’ve been toothless going forward all season. Oxley’s error cost us a point this afternoon but the lack of goal threat has cost us many more during the season.


Dug in first half and were brilliant at the start of the second, but poor substitutions at the wrong time have let us down again. Thought Clifford and Ferguson were our best players along with Akinola. Bad, bad mistake from Oxley which has cost us massively!


Was furious an hour ago. Having settled a bit. One week against teams at the top end of the table/in form, four points from nine, one goal conceded and it was a calamitous mistake. If we keep clean sheets we’ll get points. This wasn’t as bad as many are making out! That being said we do need to be making more chances ourselves. That will come against weaker teams. I’m confident we can get ourselves out of this mess without relying on other team's shortcomings.