SOUTHEND United winger Terrell Egbri has stepped up his return from a hamstring injury.

Egbri, who has yet to feature in 2021, played a part in training for the Shrimpers this afternoon.

But Blues boss Mark Molesley confirmed the 19-year-old still has work to do before he can consider calling him back into the first team. 

"Terrell is on a strength programme now to realign and adjust some ratios in his hamstrings," said Molesley.

"We’re building his strength up and getting that strength more balanced in both of his legs.

"We’ve got a clear plan now and he will be slowly integrated.

"We think we’re on the right road and it was a joy to see him training again with that big smile of his.

"He’s such an infectious person to be around.

"We were really pleased to see him out there and he will continue to work hard in the gym."