SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 2-0 defeat to Tranmere Rovers.

Kavanagh left 4.5 years ago. Since then Brown, Powell, Bond, Campbell, MM all failed/failing, and we still point fingers at the manager? 14th in the table since embargo lifted. MM isn’t faultless in this, but the responsibility for our situation lies with Ron Martin.


Just the latest reminder that we have a squad that isn't L2 standard. Which is why we are going down.


Management of six are clueless. Rubbish line up poor selection all round all over the place . That’s all I want to say


We were rubbish, slow and hoofing balls again and no workrate. Tranmere have spent well to turn their fortunes around and look where they are now, in a final and probably getting promoted,then look at us. Only one man to blame really, Ron Martin.


The last month or so we have at least looked defensively good. Tonight we didn’t. Yes Tranmere are probably the best team we’ve played, but I fear the worst. MM got us out of the relegation zone and ever since, he’s looked like a rabbit in the headlights. I really fear for us now.


Only positive is that it was only 2-0. As soon as we concede first the game is over, toothless going forward and unless that changes we’re doomed. Molesley takes a lot of stick but he’s done well to give us a fighting chance given the resources he’s got. Ron Martin to blame.


Looking very grim now, some of the players appear to have totally given up. Never quite sure if our possession is as turgid and slow as it appears or if its iFollow buffering again. MM seems to be totally out of ideas.


Wrong midfield lineup tinkering again. Stop changing the centre of the park JD cannot play in that position. Players were lazy and leggy tonight. Lacked effort not chasing runners. Confidence damaged very poor night for MM again at home. If we don’t sort home form we are down.


They were simply a better side and we could not cope with their passing, movement and ambition in the final third. Too often we hit long diagonals that are cut out. Midfield far too narrow in first half exposing Clifford on the left. We have to go again - keep the faith.


The worst team in the league to go 1-0 down against so early right now. More than fair to say that chasing the game is not our forte this season. If we stay up now it will be as much to do with other teams as it will ourselves sadly.


Two hours of my life I’ll never get back. Ridiculous team selection, hopeless execution of the plan, if there was one. All in all the lowest point ever. We have some real sub-standard players and the coaching staff are out of their depth. It’s all over.


Another terrible night for the Blues and our long suffering fans. We could have used 11 of the cardboard fan cut-outs and they would have put up more of a fight. MM and his players look like they have thrown in the towel and raised the white flag to surrender our League status


Tranmere by far best team we have played this season. Plenty of football left but running out of games. Keep up defensive work and throw in a few goals and we may be okay. I hope.


We haven't scored for 380 minutes now ,beggars belief.


No bravery, no will to get forward and score a goal. No player in this team seems able to finish his dinner at the moment. 100 years of proud Football League history at this club sadly coming to an end with a whimper, and the Club has been run into the ground. Makes me feel sick.


I think it’s time to start thinking the unthinkable. We look like we have one foot in the Conference. To be fair to MM he has steadied the ship and his hands tied but those first 14 games were the final nail in our coffin. RM's obsession with the new stadium has killed us.


Pathetic. Yes Tranmere were simply a better side than us but there was no fight. Heads were down and body language was terrible. Seeing Blues players being bullied off the ball in every single 50:50 challenge was embarrassing and soul destroying.


Enough is enough. Molesley needs to go now and a firefighter brought in. One up front, yet again and we were run ragged down the flanks. Ron needs to gamble and try to stay up, otherwise we definitely down.


Positives - Tranmere were decent. Negatives - everything else. It's one thing to lose battling to a better side and it's another to lose like that. Pathetic and if we stay up it will be miraculous. So gutted about what has happened to my club. Let's see what Saturday brings.


They looked a much better team. The sad thing for me is that none of the players looked like they cared.


Tranmere are a very good side, but we were so poor tonight. When will they learn that long balls up from the back just don’t work? We just play into the opposition's hands and make it so easy for them. On that performance tonight, we’re doomed I’m afraid.


Outclassed and outplayed but outfought, that shouldn’t be happening in our predicament. Seems there are only a handful of players who genuinely have the fight in them and that’s nowhere near enough. Delighted to be proven wrong though.


It was a bad result and so fans will start to call for Molesley's head. Those fans are wrong. He and the team need our support. We can't keep changing the manager every six months and expect things to get any better. We desperately need stability. I hope Ron holds his nerve.


A tough game of course but totally outplayed. People will say the second half was better but Tranmere didn’t get out of second gear with a cup final on Sunday and already 2-0 up. We haven’t scored since Forest Green. We are not a good side. Shame.