ANGRY Southend United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Carlisle United.

A squad that is shot. No confidence. Hoof ball and hope something falls. There seems to be no structure or plan on how to play the opposition. Some of the players aren’t good enough for the National League. We are going to need real fighters to get back up again.


This felt a terminal defeat and performance. Yes it is mathematically possible but how is that team and that manager going to get six more points than any other team? The penalty debacle a perfect summation of the leadership and ability in this club.


Utterly soul destroying. Can we not go down without a fight? Ron has run the club into the ground & MM is totally clueless.


MM tactically inept.I’m no Acquah fan but putting on Holmes without adjusting tactics is madness. Should have put three up(Acquah,Goodship,Akinola)when chasing the game.RFH awful. And why waste three bodies around each free kick or two to take corners? We need players in or around the box.


Bizarre performance that lacked the desired passion considering our position.I would happier if all the games we had left were away from home we seem a completely different unit away. MM has been sadly lacking any type of game plan or tactics at home for months now. Very poor.


Worst penalty ever taken, most of the squad need to have a look at themselves. Need another massive overhaul next season IF we survive in any league.


Really poor. The supporters gave over 300 messages of support before the game, made not a scrap of difference. Barely an ounce of pride out there, ANG and Clifford the only exceptions. Don't they care about having a relegation to the NL on their CVs?


Spiritless, gutless and too easy to play against. We know they are one of the best attacking teams in the league, so why give them that luxury? Akinola needs a few weeks off with the u23s to try to find his confidence, because him constantly drawing blanks is killing us.


Woeful performance, I don’t understand the point of having good passers in central midfield if the ball is passed back to the centre backs then lumped forward. Missed penalty sums up our season.


The penalty effort just about summed up this game, now 599 minutes without scoring a goal at home, how can you expect to survive with a record like that?


I could copy and paste the same thing as has been said on far too many occasions this season. Created absolutely nothing, penalty miss just about summed up our season. Players' body language looked like we are down already. No fight, can’t take set pieces, I could go on!


Sadly got everything we deserved. Baffled why we aren’t taking more risks to win games in this position. We continue to bypass midfield with long hopeful balls to no one. Have to be more ambitious. I don’t subscribe to the view that players don’t care, but something must change!


All I want is no player to be singled after this poor performance. It was not just about the penalty miss although it is hard we must forget that and move on to Morecambe whilst there is still a glimmer of hope.


So flat, never looked like scoring and couldn't pick out any one player that played well.


As I have said, never let yourself dream. This was the kick in the teeth type of performance we should now expect. Team of second raters and crocks and a coaching staff better suited to Billy Smart’s circus.


Game over. Little fight or passion, just a lot of very poor body language on display. We might have attended our last Southend game in the Football League for quite some time. Who knows if and when we’ll be back.


Awful tactics for a game we had to win. No other result acceptable, two lines of defence simply won't win us games especially at home. We probably need 45/6 points minimum to stand a chance of safety. Sadly and realistically that looks beyond us.


Gutless performance. Little to no game plan, no fight and minimal quality especially in front of goal. We look a team that has accepted relegation and easy pickings for the rest of the League. I’m hurting doubt the players are.


Players dont care about the club despite the odd interview saying the opposite. They had an opportunity to really make a statement about staying up and put pressure on other teams however as always they collapsed quicker than a tower of cards in a hurricane. This is painful.


Utter rubbish. No other words I can think of. No one can score, 600 mins without a goal at home, and all we bring in are defenders and defensive midfielders... someone is clueless, who's to blame?


MM talks about the 20th defeat of the season being a stark reminder? It's not as if we've been on a magnificent winning streak of late and forgotten what losing feels like is it? Tired now. Tired of the chairman, the manager and the players.All talk.


Garbage. Very little effort or fight when we needed it most from probably the worst bunch of attacking players ever seen at the club. Mismanagement from the top has resulted in the club being rotten to the core with a squad of players nobody wants and a manager out of his depth.


Abysmal. Performance summed up perfectly by Akinola's penalty miss. Tactically inept, no desire or creativity and definitely the worst team I’ve seen down here since I began watching in 1984. I fear it will only get worse as well.


One of the defining moments of a dreadful season and shows how far this club has fallen. The answer is the players just aren’t good enough. Lacklustre, no spirit and don’t give a damn about the club. The worst manager to grace the Roots Hall dug out for many a year, shocking.


Ron Martin giving this dreadful management team a vote of confidence as we lay in the bottom two of the Football League was the moment I knew we were down. The opportunity to bring in a new manager, with 10 games to go,was lost and it’s hard to see a return anytime soon.


Simply, that embarrassing penalty sums up this season.


Three years of seeing the club suffer, the supporters suffer, the players suffer all because of the OWNER. What a sad, sad situation.


Yet another low in an awful season. Unfortunately the results prove MM and the squad are not good enough. We need a complete clear out if we are to mount a challenge next season in the National League . I would like to see Maher and Fagan now given the chance to take over right now.


The penalty situation is laughable management. Just allow the players to scrap amongst themselves for it. Akinola (who is poor anyway) steps up and is pathetic with it. Joke.


No passion, no fight and looked like a club resigned to relegation to the National League already.


MM's post match answer to the penalty question tells you all you need to know about this club. Weak and passionless from top to bottom. A disgraceful betrayal of its loyal fan base.


Final nail in our coffin. No desire, no effort, no fight, no passion, no quality and after this result, no hope of retaining our Football League status. I'm fed up with hearing MM excuses as well. Thanks for your efforts but it's time to move on.


39 games in and i still don't understand Mark's game plan. Do the players?


Sad,dumb struck and totally demoralised watching that. We have forwards who don't want to or don't know how to play the position. Matt Rush seven in seven in the U23s. If he doesn't get given an opportunity what's the point of the U23s? Give Fagan a go as well .


Put us all out of our misery Ron and fire MM today. Yes he works hard but he is utterly useless. He has ruined our club! In fact all the managers since Phil Brown have been useless (sorry Chris P) These are your biggest mistakes Ron, and they have all let you and us down.


Passionless, spineless & useless! Three terrible years culminating now,it seems,in the end of our Football League status. No creativity and no goalscorers so no goals! MM sorted out the defence but not our creativity and attack and sadly it’s too late to change it now. Devastating.


Over the years I’ve seen many bad managers and even more bad players but this lot really are the worst I have ever seen. If the manager had any decency he would walk. Really don’t want to hear anymore of his whinny excuses.