Oh dear, oh dear!

Just as we had been offered a glimmer of optimism, we had it cruelly snatched away by a moment that encapsulated the Blues' season.

It was a penalty executed so poorly, it showed to me that the player had absolutely no understanding of the club's dire situation or more importantly, what that moment meant to the fans of the club. T

he penalty was a moment of hope, a lifeline, a chance to get a stuttering Blues back on level terms and what did we get?

A moment of arrogance and selfishness, a 'look at me, look how cool I am' moment!

Do you know what I found most disturbing? Akinola received the manager's backing because 'he was the club's penalty taker'.

So, what exactly goes on, on the training pitch?

"OK lads, penalties - pop one on the spot Sim, little walk up, bit of swagger, give the keeper 'the eyes' to the left and calmly roll it to the right, never fails son".

They have no idea, do they?

All we want is to see that they care.

Bang the ball on the spot, decent run-up, laces through the ball and if the keeper saves it, well that's football!!

In that one moment I felt the heart of our club had finally been ripped out.

Maybe tonight's game will prove me wrong, there I go again!!

Colin Hunt

via e-mail