SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 1-1 draw with Morecambe.

Good performance and in normal circumstances it would have been a good point. Hopefully at the end of the season it will end up being a good point. Dieng and JD were brilliant tonight and Oxley had a good game as well. Nothing he could do about the goal. Still have a little hope.


More than I expected out of the game but not enough in our predicament.


The players worked hard, but there was no method. Only two shots on target, not enough to look like winning.


Good result to be honest but due to League position and games left we really needed three points to stay within the mix.


Good effort from the team, ultimately not enough though unfortunately.


In isolation, a great performance and result. As part of the bigger picture, just not enough! When you look at our recent results against top six,we’ve held our own, but it’s all too little,too late. Defensive five were strong again. Difference was their number nine, that’s what we need.


No so called strikers ,70 mins defending a one nil lead. On the back foot whole of the second half ,what the actual do they do in training? They should have pride to play for the club.


Good battling performance against a top side. JD was excellent and Halford was a handful. Unfortunately it won’t be this performance that sees us relegated we need to look back to earlier in the season. Three points on Sat and we can believe again.


Would have been a decent performance and result in different circumstances. Can't fault the effort and we were clearly trying to get more goals. We just don't have the quality.


Didn't look too bad in the first half but sat back and never looked like scoring again after Dieng's goal.


Not a bad point, still think if we can hold the points gap or close it further on Col U this weekend, it will all be decided by the derby match. Many will call me a fool.


Need at least four wins in the remaining games with results going our way. So unfortunately it seems we have one foot in the Conference.


The difference in quality showed again tonight. Any of our players could spend years trying to recreate the goal they scored. At least the effort was there. Can’t see where the nine points we need to even be in the running to stay up will come from though.


Excellent first half, passing and intensity was great. Superb cross by Elvis and thoroughly deserved to be in front. Second half we stopped doing everything and allowed them to dictate play and push us back. In normal circumstances a point away a good result but not enough for us.


We desperately need wins but we drew again. Game could've gone either way but the forward line just isn't good enough to tilt things in our direction. It's a real concern whether we will win again this season.


Never say die. We'd have taken a point away at fifth place six weeks ago, the context just takes away from it. We're not down until we know how the table lies after the Colchester game. That is simply a game we must win.


Usually I'd accept a point at Morecambe, but let's face it, that was a must win for us as is every game.


It feels like a bad result but only because of how we played Saturday. If we had picked up three points and then the draw tonight, excellent work. Afraid it doesn’t matter as all the work we are putting in away is being killed by inept home performances with no tactics or plan of attack.


Would’ve been a great point a couple of months ago considering our record against them, however we desperately need wins now. The Col U game in two weeks will basically be a relegation play off.


In normal times a great point but we needed three and could have had them if we had pushed on after we scored rather than tried to defend for 70 mins. But a lot more effort and fight overall from everyone involved.


Starts with no strikers. What must Goodship do? We are all but done, put in some of the guys that have not had a chance. Week after week clueless line ups and tactics.


Battled hard without being convincing and in the second half were too scared to shoot (again). We should have started with Taylor in midfield and I would honestly give Rush a go up top!