ANOTHER Southend United fan has his say.

So that’s it then - Southend United going down with a whimper.

The National League awaits, as I predicted at the beginning of the season.

Where has it all gone wrong? Loan players who aren’t really bothered because they can go back to their parent clubs safe in the knowledge they’ve had a few run-outs, a manager who is in way above his head with no clue of the way to keep a team with 100 years uninterrupted experience in the Football League.

Lets face it, this time last year he was paddling in the sea at Weymouth!

Honestly, the players should have been willing to lay their lives on the line for the club and that should have been drummed into them before last weekend’s game with Carlisle.

It was a great chance to catch up with Colchester by beating a team who had nothing to play for, but instead it was another weak, insipid display with a lack of bottle.

This is the time to now take stock, clear out some deadwood, prepare for next season and completely reshape the club from top to bottom.

That includes Ron Martin leaving it to the supporters to pick the new manager and have a big say in the running of the club.

Steve Tilson would be my pick to start from the very bottom as he loves the club.

Never mind next season, we can play our home games at Southchurch Park.

I’ve heard Southend Manor are keen on a groundshare while we await the new stadium.


Kendal Way, Eastwood