SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 0-0 draw with Exeter City.


Much better. I'm hoping our goals are like buses, and we score five against Col U to cancel out the goal difference disadvantage! But realistically RM should start looking for a new manager - what's the chances of PB staying in the NL?


Scoring goals is sort of essential to win games , I’m afraid oblivion awaits and this current team will get eaten alive in the National League.


A good performance and in most circumstances a decent point, but will almost certainly not be enough. Our inability to score this season is a joke.


We certainly gave it our all, but still unable to convert the chances we had. Ox made some great saves, Demetriou battled well, Walsh was great, H-F did well, Holmes never stopped when on. Good performance, take that up the A12 and add a few goals, fingers crossed it may help.


A much more committed and hard working performance. Impressive pressing and tempo right from the start. Shame this team wasn't giving the opportunity to play like this at the start of the season. Players look so different when given freedom. 


Had we not needed to win, it would have been a decent game to watch. No change in the fact that we don't have quality finishers.


Good to see a committed balanced performance with attacking intent and hardly a long ball hoofed up from the back. Its obvious that if a change had been made earlier we'd be past the 50 point mark by now and looking forward with optimism to next season


Much more attacking intent and unfortunate not to score. Holmes and RFH really good after I’d all but given up on them; sadly it’s probably going to be too late to save us. Walsh okay too; what was MM thinking by signing him and then ignoring him?


An improved performance but still lacking that cutting edge infront of goal. A couple of big chances missed. Oxley made a brilliant save to make sure we left with a point. Tuesday is massive and quite possibly the most important derby game in our history.


Good performances all round, Walsh looks promising, Oxley a save out the top draw almost as good as Banks 1970 that one near the end. The glimmer of hope remains.


Really good battling performance, but, still can't get goals. Yet another 0-0 and another nail in the football league coffin.


Should have changed manager much much earlier to have avoided drop. Now hoping Phil can get us back asap from NL.


A simple but worthy phrase which is “too little too late”. Ron Martin should have made this change months ago but with four games left and no goals in us were looking like relegation certainties.


Played well and had some excellent spells. Story of our season failed to score when it mattered. Fantastic performance from Oxley once again and Ricky Holmes best performance in a blues shirt. Our remaining games are must win now. We can do it just need a goal!


Played brilliantly entire game. At one point thought we were the team pushing for promotion. Easily deserved the three points but couldn’t get our shots in the back of the net. Looks very promising for last few games, hope teams around us will drop points.


No matter how we played it’s yet another opportunity lost. We’ve had so many chances and no one can argue we don’t deserve to go down. Ultimately all Ron's fault. Will he take accountability? No he won’t. He won’t even believe it’s his fault.


Much improved performance. Can’t help but feel the management change should have happened a month ago to give us a real fighting chance of avoiding the drop. Games rapidly running out now.


The fact we can have that many chances and not put away one is so worrying. A striker is so badly needed.


This won’t be the last relegation unless Martin sells


Much better all over the pitch, should havd won, Just a little too late now to turn this around. Moseley should have gone 5-6 games ago then we might have stood a chance of getting out of this.


Ridiculous decision by Ron not to make the managerial change after the port vale game. Too late now I fear.


We tried to win the game- something we didn’t do under MM. We have poor players and won’t stay up. Hopefully PB can bring us back up