STAN Collymore has reiterated his desire to help Southend United escape the footballing doldrums.

Blues are on the brink of falling out of the Football League following Tuesday night’s 2-0 defeat at local rivals Colchester United.

And former Shrimpers star Collymore has again spoken of his eagerness to help the club get back on track.

In a lengthy post on the Shrimperzone messageboard Collymore said: “I can afford to pay my milk bill and I can access a huge repository of potential support for a forward thinking project which would see stability, immediate fan representation in the club structure and a guarantee of Football League football in future seasons.

“That's it. That's the totality of an offer to Ron, Southend United and its supporters.

“As I've offered several times in person to Ron over a decade ago, in a message to the club a week or more ago and a number of times directly to you, the people who matter.

“You all have a choice. Continue to maintain the status quo with Ron in non-league, hope that the culture of the club goes from abject and utter failure to Salford City-esque investment and bloody minded ladder climbing or open hearts and minds to anyone who wants the best for the club.”

Collymore scored 18 goals in 33 games during the 1992/93 season for Blues and continues to hold the club close to his heart.

Collymore added: “I proved my worth in the Championship at Southend, for six months only, granted, but the club were down and out before I arrived. The club got £3 million in the bank, a shiny stand and a solid platform to build from.

“These are facts. I’ve also gone on record a number of times, with zero benefit other than the truth, to say how proud and happy I was at Southend United in those six months and how the kindness and support I received helped not only my career on the pitch but my mental health in my darkest hours.

“Southend mattered, the support mattered.

“If I never visit the Hall again, I'll be sad but I'll live.

“If Southend United end up in Tier 8, I'll be sad but I'll live.

“But the offer of only tangible, real time experience of a 30 year industry professional with Grade A contacts, genuine warmth and love for a club and it's support could only ever be scoffed at by an idiot or a billionaire.

“If the club need me, for anything, without prejudice, they know where I am.

“As do you.”