SOUTHEND United have their say on relegation from League Two.

Just sad tonight. Anger will follow as we try and get changes made to give us a chance in the National League. But tonight am just depressed I now support a non-league club.


All resources and energy put into the pipe dream of a new stadium with the footballing side of the club being left in the shadows. Poor decision making and poor decision making with managers and players. Leaving everything to the last minute has cost us also. It is gutting!


Not lifting the embargo sooner has relegated us. Our damaged reputation meant that the players we could sign weren’t good enough to create consistent chances. The pragmatic style we’ve had for most of the season actually gave us a decent chance of survival so late in the season.


Very poor overall management and running of the club over the past few years has left Southend lacking in funds compared to others and unable to attract league standard players, especially strikers.


The chairman failing to get the help he needed to properly run the club. Whilst this might have saved money in the short term in the long term it is going to cost more.


Failing to prepare for the season, gambling that other clubs would be worse off due to Covid. Appointment of Molesley way too late and failing to back him.


Ron Martin. Four years of bad management from top to bottom. Poor recruitment over the last few years paying out on to many under performing old players . No CEO either since our old one left. Big changes are needed and quickly.


Paying tax bills in court late regularly and not paying players wages is not how normal club/business is run. Not dealing with embargo early enough. Not picking the best manager for situation. No strikers and not good enough players. These were consequences of Ron’s decisions.


The embargo was the death of us this season, but this downfall has been coming for a while. Played with basically a youth team until January and did OK from there on out. Hopefully they can get back up to the EFL in the next year or two or else I fear it could be a while.


It’s all down to Ron, appalling stewardship of our club. Ultimately he knows nothing about football and always goes for the marquee signings for publicity. Campbell was the beginning of the end, poor decisions for years.


Four years ago Southend were challenging for the League One play-offs and now we are in the National League. Warning signs have been there for a while now. Managers and players have come and gone but there’s only one consistent reason our club has gone rotten: Ron Martin.


Ron Martin’s poor decision making on appointments, transfers/wages and delaying letting poor managers go, Molesley should have gone before Christmas, it was obvious by then he was out of his depth.


Excited about next year, we will take 1,000 plus to games but we need to get promotion first time or we could be there 5+ years. Need a long plan to get us back in championship like Luton did. Mismanagement and we will be in Conference South.


Poor leadership and decision making by Ron Martin and not paying VAT on time. Started the season playing mostly U23 players for first 15 games got us just six points.A transfer embargo until early December,poor recruitment and the lack of a goal scorer all season, so too few goals scored.


Simply a failure to do things properly for years. Most problems our own doing - time to pay bills, employ managers, sign players etc etc.


The buck stops with Ron Martin. As to specific failures: failed to replace Steve Kavanagh in 2016, and failed to sack himself as CEO of the club after our survival against Sunderland. Since then, mistake upon mistake upon mistake: Bond, Campbell, and not giving Brown enough time.


Late appointment of MM, late payment of embargo, late sacking of MM, poor recruitment and tactical decisions from MM. 80/20 Ron Martin's fault.


Heartbroken, can only be summed up as three years of the worst miss management I have ever seen in football. I started watchingBlues at Cardiff in 2004 and they’ve been my club for the past 17 years and that won’t change, it’s the pain I’ve felt today will stay with me forever.

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our years of shambolic management from top to bottom. Massive reset needed, including at the very top.