ANOTHER Southend United fan has his say.

I am sorry I agree with Manchester United fans.

I have been a Southend fan for 53 years and where football is concerned Saturday was the darkest day of the 53 years.

We have an owner whose only concern is building houses and a new stadium.

The new ground seems a mirage.

Over 20 years since council said a new ground could be built, not one brick laid.

We have had a total lack of investment in our team.

Loan players and unattached players is all we get, and the best young players we bring through he sells and no one but him knows where the money goes.

The cheapest seat to go to a game is £25.

Not Premier League I know but look at what we have been served up the last three years.

Football is for footballers and football fans, not money making autocrats.

I would do anything legal to get him out of our club.

Forever a TRUE BLUE