SOUTHEND United fans have their say as another poor season ends in relegation.

Pretty inevitable result if a club is run this badly. But depressing how much had to go wrong for us to be relegated by a few points. In the short term, would really like Brown to stay and stabilise us in the National League.


Season was shocking. Mark Molesley was hamstrung from the start, however his football ideals cost us,  with trying to round pegs in square holes. We need that CEO appointed fast. Ron needs to let Brown know if he’ll have funds for the summer fast so we can move forward and fast.


RM's judgement is almost the sole cause of our woes. Bad financial management, procrastination and then wrong decisions in managerial appointments, failure to appoint a CEO, the list is extensive. I am shedding tears for my beloved Club right now.


If there aren't major changes to how the club is run then I fear that this isn't our rock bottom just yet. This shouldn't have happened. It was preventable at so many points over the last three seasons. Very little has been done in that period and what was done was wrong everytime.


Every other club had a three month headstart on us, because Ron Martin, despite his claim of “financially backing the club”, completely handcuffed the manager by not clearing the embargo. We were a good enough team from Dec-May to survive. The first three months killed us, that’s on RM.


This season was both expected and also avoidable. We have tarnished a young manager’s career along the way through continual mismanagement. If we ever have a worse season than this I will be surprised. We need due diligence and good recruitment from this very moment to succeed.


Let's just hope we even have a team for next season going to be huge uphill battle now . Ron needs to act now not two weeks before season starts


I understand fans protesting against the chairman but for me his biggest mistake was not getting rid of Molesley and co earlier. PB has shown that with the right management this squad of players is capable of getting results. Only positive is we still have a club.


Really sad season, battled well today, Brown has got more out the players undoubtedly. MM was promising young manager but not the right job/time for either him or club. Get Brown/Fagan/Duncan sorted & signed up, and assemble squad early. We all know why we are in this position.


Especially the last few weeks we've had our opinions voiced but it's done and dusted now so we've got to accept it and start to move forward. Let's get rid of the negativity and be positive on what could be with help from a CEO and the correct appointment of manager.


In six matches against Crawley, Exeter, Col Ewe, Orient, Barrow & Newport Molesley picked up 11 points. In six matches against Crawley, Exeter, Col Ewe, Orient, Barrow & Newport Brown picked up nine points.But where it was lost was two points in the first 11 and that’s on Martin. Late appointing a manager; late returning players from furlough; late lifting the embargo.


Another terrible season. Only way we can bounce back is to get an experienced CEO in, along with sorting PB’s contract out URGENTLY, a decent investment into the squad and start the rebuild of the squad NOW. Get those four things in place and we might have half a chance next season.


Ron needs to sort out Brown's contract now with no delay + with the right budget.Has the experience to get us up again.


End of another dreadful season, probably one of the worst I have witnessed. One defeat in six for Phil Brown. If Ron Martin gives him what he needs then who knows what could happen.


Disastrous season, started to look like a normal League Two team under Brown. Need to keep him and recruit a goalscorer, and take proper penalties. Ron Martin's arrogance has cost us big time.


Who knows what’s going to happen in the coming weeks? Ron needs to either go or begin the rebuild Monday. Keep Brown, sort contracts out before end of May & plan for next season NOW.


Just want to put this season behind us now and focus on next. As a non-league club we'd be lucky to have a manager like Phil Brown in charge, Ron needs to act now and get him tied down. We have the basis of a squad that can compete and with the right additions even challenge.


Shocking season but uplifting to see results under Brown. Ron needs to act quickly to secure the management team and then starting preparing early. We were excellent first half and need to take that spirit and determination into the new season. This isn’t the end, new beginnings.


I said at the start of the season that Mark Molesley would have to perform a miracle to have us finish 22nd. Turned out he fell a little short, but should not take the blame. Lessons have to be learned, and preparations started early.


Phil Brown has brought the best out of this team in my opinion, if we can hold onto him and a couple of players like Bwomono, Egbri and Hobson then they'll push for promotion next year I think