WESTCLIFF skipper Greg Bannister feels his side will be entering the unknown when they kick off their National Two South season this weekend.

Westcliff have changed their coaching set up during the coronavirus pandemic with Kent Bray now director of rugby at the Gables.

And Bannister believes it is too early to set targets for the campaign ahead.

“I think once we’ve played a few games we will be able to make ourselves some goals,” said Bannister.

“It’s hard to say at the moment and we are a bit in the unknown with a new coaching team.”

Westcliff host Dings Crusaders on Saturday and Bannister is certain it will be an exciting occasion for everyone connected with the club.

“Of course it’s exciting, it’s been nearly 18 months without playing a game that we used to play every weekend,” said Bannister.

“But it’s not only for me and the boys, I think the excitement will be shared around the club to finally have competitive rugby back on at the club.

“I have no doubt the new Gables will be loud on Saturday.”

But, despite the new look coaching set up, the squad has not changed too significantly.

“You still see the same faces around, so that’s good,” said Bannister.

“Obviously we have a new coaching team in place this year, and I think it’s a good time to be around the club.

“A lot of boys are still around from our first year in this league so it’s pretty much the same player wise.”

And Bannister cannot wait to be back alongside his team-mates.

“I think when you do something for so long and then it stops for as long as it did, it takes some getting used to,” said Bannister.

“I think you appreciate the social side of it more, like chatting with the boys at training and spending most of your Saturdays with each other.

“But in some ways it may have been a good thing to give the body a rest for a season, although I am glad to have it back of course.”

And Bannister is expecting a good game against Dings Crusaders.

“We’ve only played them once before and it was quick and physical,” said Bannister.

“I’d be surprised if anything is different, so hopefully it will be an entertaining game to watch.

“But we will be looking to play our way and that’s all we are focused on.”