SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Saturday's depressing 3-1 defeat to Halifax Town.

As poor as Wealdstone, but against a better team so we lost comfortably. When we are not at 100% we look a very average side. Lack of pace a problem too. Basically look miles from a play-off side. Fan anger today also very noticeable.


It’s hard to know where to start - lack of strength in depth showed today as I very much doubt that Arnold would have conceded those goals. Having said that our complete lack of fight and inability to pass the ball was the most upsetting thing. PB most revert to 442 now.


Was feeling very positive last weekend after the Wrexham game, despite throwing away a 2-0 lead. Came crashing back down to earth today. An instant response needed on Tues against a team who haven’t gained a point all season!!


PB will need at least two seasons to sort this out with the budget we have. Expectations are way to high IMO.


An embarrassing performance, we stopped playing after 25 minutes resorting to just hammering the ball forward, no thought, creativity or resilience. We need to improve, a lot and quickly or this season will be another embarrassing disaster.


To me it felt like a serious attitude problem. Lack of talent? Can’t always do much about that. Lack of effort? Unforgivable. No commitment to 50/50s and no desire. If the supporters are expected to turn up to games in all corners of the country, so must the team.


Halifax were by far the better team all over the pitch they did the simple things players dropping into space, testing our players on the flanks and just dropping the ball over our defence for players to run onto. Bridge tried hard but Ferguson was absolutely dire.


This result shouldnt happen, Arnold a definate miss, Demi off the pace today. It is actually quite inexcusable, shows the level of players we have at the club arent even up for the national league!


Bridge only player to come away with any credibility today. Dire performance after starting OK. We looked very unfit compared to Halifax who actually dealt with us very easily. We looked like conceding from any set play/cross. Defence particularly worrying. No bite in centre mid


Jekyl & Hyde United ! Played very well against Wrexham last week then absolute rubbish today! Brown blames the players rightly & questions their attitudes, but he signed eight out of the 11 that started the game! Our midfield is poor plus we missed Arnold. Must win v Aldershot now.


For the first time this season we played like a non-league side, there seemed to be a total lack of pace at the back and to be honest 3-1 flattered us. A new “All time low”


Bridge the only player to come out of today with any credit. Whole team were poor in all the basics. Didn’t compete for first ball, let alone the second. Slow, cumbersome defence - played through too easily, too often. No control in midfield. No attacking threat. Worrying times.

@ADHaxi Humbling.

I've seen people say we should be winning these games but why? Halifax looked streets ahead of us. We've a mediocre, unbalanced and paper-thin squad. Still think we can compete but it's asking a lot.


PB has assembled a squad lacking the ability to play 3-5-2 and without the depth for a back four; but oddly he thinks that’s the players’ fault. He’ll lose our underpopulated dressing room if he doesn’t focus more on getting new players in rather than forcing existing ones out.


Bring in Akinola


Embarrassing lacklustre, white looks like his legs are gone and struggling, Ferguson dreadful must go and Murphy absent the second half! Changes are needed and formation needs to go back to basics.


At least Blues are good at one thing. Plumbing new depths of abjectivity.


When does the humiliation stop? Too many players out there that shouldn't be wearing a blues shirt.


Inexcusable and in honesty, well beyond embarrassing at this stage.


Hopeless. How is Hobson not starting? Only positive was Bridge looks great. Mid table beckons, if we’re lucky.


I was at the game and saw a really well organised Halifax team stop the Blues from playing. Waters, the Halifax man of the match, chased the ball down continuously in a way that Dalby and Murphy never did. The Halifax defence dominated Blues forwards the whole match.


Nobody should be surprised. We aren’t very good. We’ll look decent and win some games and we’ll look poor and lose others. We’ll finish just below mid table. PB will blame everyone but himself and RM will continue to run the club terribly. We’ll be non league for a long time.