SOUTHEND United are back in action against Aldershot Town at Roots Hall tonight. But what changes should Phil Brown be making to his starting line-up?


While I’m not as unhappy with the 3/5 at the back as many other fans, I feel a change in system could be beneficial against Aldershot.

It does feel a little bit like a situation of ‘square pegs in round holes’ at this moment in time.

Jack Bridge has been particularly impressive going forward and it would be interesting to see how he performed without the burden of being a wingback, perhaps as a winger with a fullback behind him.

But, I do think that we will look sturdier with the return of Abu Ogogo, he and James Dunne in midfield could add some much needed steel and hopefully with that base the front men can receive a slightly better service.


Changes need to be made against Aldershot. The squad looks lacking in energy and running so far.

I’d be trying to get Dennis in the side out wide If he's fit with Walsh the other side and go 442.

Hobson in for one of Coulson or JW as both are past 30 and cant play every game.

We desperately need a right back, Demetriou hasn’t got the legs anymore for me."


I feel we're still lacking a strong runner down the right hand side and our opponents exploit that so a change there is crucial.

And I don't think anyone would disagree, we need a change in that defence.

Other than Arnold we're really shocking and I don't know whether that's a physical weakness or an attitude weakness.

Looking at PB's comments after the Halifax game I think it's the latter and that's got to change.