SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 3-2 defeat against Aldershot at Roots Hall. 

Different league, different season, different manager, same old problems!! Groundhog Day. Until someone with the appropriate financial muscle can remove RM nothing will change. Who actually wants a sparkly new stadium over a successful football club?


“Things can only get better”, they say… but they don’t support Southend United… Defensively diabolical, and failed to really create enough chances to challenge the keeper for 90 mins. It’s desperately sad to see the decline of the club, and tonight was, yet another new low.


Brown has had all pre season and has signed several players that he believed would make us capable of winning games (Molesley didn't have this luxury) yet we looked absolutely clueless the past two games. Devoid of creativity or any ideas of how to score a goal. Embarrassing again.


Embarrassment! Over ego’d players thinking they can dominate this league when it's clear as day they cant!! I genuinely dont know where the buck stops!! Players like Kinali in the u23s when he should be among the first team squad!! We are turning into a joke team!!


Midfield looks incredibly weak, especially with only two in the middle. No creativity, no dynamism, no inspiration. Vulnerable to pace and balls in from wide areas. Strikers just not getting any service. There are good players here but we look horribly unbalanced.


This team is heading for part time football in conference south, and that's only if RM pays to keep afloat, it feels like the end. Southend AFC seems a brighter future at the moment.


Is it time for us to start the club again? It feels like it.


This season is starting to look like our last two seasons already. Don’t create or score enough goals, weak midfield getting overrun, bad goals conceded, and we never win at home! We’re in serious trouble already & I don’t see our dreadful three year run coming to an end anytime soon!


Every team that we come up against seem to be more “Streetwise” to the conditions and what’s needed in this league. Southend haven’t a clue what’s hitting them at the moment.


I thought the 1-7 embarrassment at home against Donny Rovers was the lowest it could get but tonight easily beat that. At least that team showed some passion and pride in the shirt. Yet to see that from this bunch.


So many emotions tonight, anger, sadness and a sense of despair. Desperate for our fortunes to turn round, but hard to see how this can happen. Genuinely think that RM is setting us up to fail, would challenge him to explain why this is not true.