SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 1-0 defeat at Torquay United

RM may have a lot to answer for but PB had one obvious job and that was to sign a left side CB. We’re playing a makeshift defence and every opponent knows it. A joke to have only two left footed players(one injured).Put Bridge in CM to give us a hope of creativity. And a winger!


Can’t wait for the next zoom meeting for Ron to tell us it hurts him more than it does us. Genuinely think many fans are on the verge of walking away and never coming back.

The club is rotten to the core and the blame lies squarely at Ron’s door.


Not as bad as Tuesday, but not threatening at all. We had I think one attempt at goal? Will do well to stay up at this rate. Brown needs to turn it around because I am sick of hire and fire but I have no faith in him to do it. Should’ve stuck with Molesley.


Defensively poor, once again. Not challenging the keeper once today is absolutely unacceptable. Fans were furious at full time and can you blame them? We’ve had three years of pain and suffering, and things just don’t look to be getting better anytime soon. Something needs to change fast.


I'm just waiting for the Martin Out brigade to start picketing, make it more hostile for the players and even harder to pull us out of this decline.


The club is sinking faster than the Titanic. That is it.


Brown Out!! Anyone who thinks this team is committed under his leadership is deluded. Change before its too late.


Why turn up to a game against poor opposition looking to not lose rather than to win? No response after Halifax, no response after Aldershot, I keep saying it but how long can we, the fans, keep turning up while the team doesn’t?


Torquay is the birthplace of Agatha Christie - watching Southend is murder at the moment and even Miss Marple couldn’t solve the mystery of why we are so bad!!!


There is no creativity at all, a manager who just shouts at the players, who he signed to play his way and has no idea at this level, and a chairman who has consistently failed at every level to run the club. Today was more of the same, a pathetic performance by a dying club.


Have been a fan over six decades so pretty much seen everything but nothing quite like this. This feels like the end.


We just don’t have the nous nor talent to compete in this league. How long before the amazing 466 who made the long and arduous journey, throw in the towel? Ron Martin does not deserve these incredible loyal supporters and the supporters certainly don’t deserve him!


Totally understand the frustrations, it’s been an awful few years, but it’s a new team, and most of these lads have only been here six games so early days, and really doesn’t help their confidence laying into them. Try and bite your tongue and get behind the lads blues fans.

@Andy_Finlayson7 Looked completely clueless again. Forget a 10k run, at this rate they'll be running a marathon soon!


Absolutely dire.

Struggling to find any positives from the game. We took a good following as always. If the players showed a little fight and desire we would have something to show for it but the performance was dreadful. The players aren’t playing for the manager or us fans!


I no longer have any confidence in Brown's ability to be manager of our club. This is his squad with around 10 new summer signings yet he still blames our losing mentality on previous seasons. It is in fact due to his squad having no quality, no pace, no creativity and no hope!


Disappearing in the abyss. Crying in the streets. No end to the nightmare. Our support is going to drop off dramatically and it’s so sad.


Southend United = death by a thousand cuts and we've run out of Band Aids.


PB will turn it around, forget promotion this year, this can’t be fixed this season, I know it’s hard but we need to support the manager and the team, Ron won’t sell so forget that.


There are few indications PB will turn out around any time quickly. Too many useful players at the club have been ignored - Kinali, Akinola, ANG, Ferguson - and PB's midfield looks unbalanced and weak. Chants about "character" are not addressing these problems.


We should take up scuba diving. Every week we discover new depths.