ANOTHER Southend United fan has his say 

Here we are again, yet another low.

I am now starting to believe that the only way out for this club is for Ron Martin to fold them.

I am unable to get to games due to living in Belfast, however, that doesn’t meant the the pain and suffering is any less.

As a fan, football is about release, it’s about unity about being ‘United’.

Managers have come and gone under Ron Martin, all to regularly over the last few years.

However, due to the financial mis management all we ever do is scrape around picking up players on free transfers.

It feels that Ron Martin is so much more fixated on the stadium that he seems to be putting all his time and energy in to that.

We haven’t heard anything from him or our new CEO about anything to do with the direction of the club, the new stadium, recruitment of players, nothing.

My great-grandfather brought my dad to his first ever games in the 50’s so my family have been linked to the club since it was founded.

I even bought my two-year0old his first kit last season but am unsure if we can this year due to none being available for kids of his age.

As I said earlier, football for fans is about escapism, but such is the demise of the club it feels like we are in free fall and it’s affecting my mental health that I’m starting to think twice about following them anymore, much less go over this season or bring my son over for his first game at Roots Hall.

Maybe this is what Ron Martin wants but I beg him, to either open his cheque book and buy some players or put the club up for sale.

Also, if he reads this, am happy to scout players for the club across the island of Ireland.

Ron, if you read this reach out to Chris and make contact.


via e-mail