ANOTHER Southend United fan has his say.

It’s no mystery to me and many other Southend United fans, why the Blues have eventually reached the depths they are at right now.

Of course, during Mr Martin's 23 years of tenure, there have been some marvellous memories - which bought in some very big pay-days for the club.

There have also been some great players come in cheaply and move on, generating massive transfer fee profits for the club.

Yet, in spite of this extra income, Mr Martin has found it necessary to run this club with regular ‘fixes’ of borrowed money and lending it to the club, which in turn has led to the club’s massive debt of what, £20m, £25m….who knows?

What we do know, is that the club has been run on promises and debt for far too long, which have directly led to the club's present status.

The ‘name’ of MY/OUR club is now toxic in footballing circles, the HMRC...... and most hurtfully has become a ‘joke club’.

Mr Martin is at the cross roads - but which road will he take? Will it be to prioritise the club's future?

He knows and we all know, that by just providing a stadium as a 'tag-on' to massive housing development, will not secure the club's future in the long term.

Mr Martin has a wonderful opportunity to become a 'legend' in the town for all of the right reasons, at present that seems a long way off - which route will he take it I wonder?

Colin Hunt