PROTESTING Southend United supporters feel Saturday’s scenes at Roots Hall could be the sign of things to come.

Blues fans made their way onto the Roots Hall pitch during the second half of the 4-0 defeat against Chesterfield to vent their fury at chairman Ron Martin's running of the club.

And that led to the match being stopped for several minutes in the second half.

But supporters believe the protests will not stop until Martin decides to move on.

Blues fan Barney Errington said: "The people in charge of that protest today will keep going until Ron's out the club.

"It's nothing to do with the players and I'd like to put that out there but this is all to do with Ron Martin.

"He's out of his depth and I just think he needs to do the right thing and move on now.

"We can't be losing 4-0 at home like that and it's just been unacceptable what's going on."

The Shrimpers have suffered back to back relegations and saw their 101 year long spell in the Football League ended last season.

But Blues continue to struggle and currently sit 20th in the National League standings, above the drop zone on goal difference.

And Jack Allen is also keen for fans to keep airing their frustrations.

"As fans we have to keep pushing on," said Allen.

"Red cards were held up in the first half to show what we think of Ron and most of the stadium joined in chanting for him to go.

"From now on we've got to push as a fanbase and as a group."

The supporters' protests stepped up in the second half when the Shrimpers went 4-0 down.

And Alex Biscoe felt it was a shame fans came onto the pitch.

"Tuesday’s protest was spot on and how it should be done," said Biscoe.

"It was at the end of the game and it was calm.

"I personally think it’s a shame people went on the pitch because we’ll probably get a fine now.

"But you can understand the fans’ frustrations."

However, season card holder Reece Dorrell feels the manner of the protests mean the Shrimpers' problems will now receive widespread coverage.

"I know people have criticised fans going on the pitch but it’s got the attention of the national media now," said Dorrell.

"That’s the only thing I’ve seen reported on us nationally for a long time and Ron can’t like that.

"I've wanted him out for a long time now because of the way he's handled the club and it's just horrible to see what's happened."

Martin, who was not at Saturday's game, acted quickly after the final whistle to dismiss both manager Phil Brown and his assistant Craig Fagan.

But passionate supporter Scott Wheeler is unsure if the changes will make much difference.

"Who realistically will come in now?," questioned Wheeler.

"I wish I could just switch off and say I’m done with it but I can’t.

"You tell yourself it can’t get any worse but it does.

"I don’t see a new manager changing anything and will Ron Martin give him any money, especially now he’s got to pay off Phil Brown and Craig Fagan.

"If we fall any lower we’re screwed and gone forever."

And those sentiments were echoed by Chris Steele who ‘celebrated’ his 30th birthday on Saturday.

“Cheers Ron, you’ve ruined my birthday!,” said Steele.

“I will always remember it, that’s for sure.

“I’m disappointed Craig Fagan has left because I’d have liked him to have taken it on.

“But I think Ron’s trying to pass the buck and he’s trying to take the attention off him but that won’t happen.

“People want him out and they will be coming on the pitch again I’m sure.

“There will be a fine and if that happens week after week how much can he take before he puts his hand up and says he has to leave?

“He needs to admit he’s in the wrong here.”

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