STAN Collymore will be involved in helping to select Southend United’s next manager.

The popular former Shrimpers striker was instrumental in bringing chief executive Tom Lawrence to the club in the summer.

And, speaking on a Zoom call with supporter groups this evening, Collymore confirmed he will be helping to choose Phil Brown’s replacement at Roots Hall.

“I spoke to Tom today and it is my belief that I have been invited to be involved in the process of recruiting Southend United’s next manager,” said Collymore.

“I believe that process will happen imminently and midweek is being mooted.”

Collymore was back at Roots Hall for Tuesday night’s 1-0 win against Eastleigh and spoke out passionately following Saturday’s 4-0 defeat to Chesterfield.

But the former England international is keen for supporter protests to end in a bid to enable the new manager to make an impact.

“I would humbly ask as a favour to me for a ceasefire,” said Collymore.

“We all want to give the new manager and staff the best chance to come in and get some momentum.

“If you accept what I say, in a dressing room of 15 to 20 players, that even two or three being affected by it can run through a group like wildfire.

“It’s not losing or giving up but I think as a really common sense courtesy to the club is say for a month we’re not going to have banners or go on the pitch.

“We’re going to solely concentrate on supporting the players.

“I know how difficult that would be because I would be at the front with you there when it gets to a point when you think there’s nowhere else to turn.

“But I’m trying my darndest to effect change within the club with the little strands I have to hold on at the minute with no official role and I know it could make a big difference.”

Watch Collymore's Zoom call with supporters here