THE Shrimpers Trust insist they continue to blame chairman Ron Martin for the ‘painful decline’ of the club.

After back to back relegations, Blues are currently 20th in the National League standings.

And the Trust believe Martin is culpable.

A Trust statement said: “The Shrimpers Trust continues to hold Ron Martin responsible for the slow painful decline of OUR football club.

“Despite the recent departures and arrivals, we will not forget the position that Ron has put the football club in until we have a sustainable, stable club which operates at a standard we deserve.

“Could this change happen under Ron Martin?

“Possibly, but unlikely without a radical change of governance.”

The Trust helped to promote an online poll which saw 95 per cent of the 1,811 votes saying they had no confidence in Martin’s running of the club.

And the Trust feels Blues are now entering their most important ever period.

“Our fans have made their voices heard over recent games and it's clear to the Trust we are now entering the most important period in the club's history starting with the right appointment of the club's new management team,” added the statement.

“We cannot stress the importance of this appointment enough.”

And the Trust also wants fans to play their part by creating the best possible atmosphere at Roots Hall.

“On the call with Stan Collymore, he also called for a ceasefire on the protests,” said the statement.

“Conversely, we understand the passion in our fan base and the need to protest to make feelings known, which is of course the right of all.

“The atmosphere around Roots Hall is toxic and the Trust now urges our fans to create the best possible matchday environment for the new management to prosper and deliver improved performance.

“This is not letting Ron Martin off the hook; this is giving Southend United the best possible chances to survive this season.

“ Do we really want to be part of the problem?”

The full Trust statement can be read here