ANOTHER Southend United fan has his say. 

Echo sports writer Chris Phillips believes Southend United is suffering a slow, painful death.

This is incorrect . In fact I can now report that the Blues are only suffering from a mild case of influenza.

They will soon be back on their feet and feeling as fit as a fiddle just in time for their October 25 match with the council’s Development Control Committee.

That is the date when the planning application for the new stadium at Fossetts will be determined by councillors.

It will be a tough encounter and Blues need to come out on top.

Watch out for some tough tackling, especially when it comes to infrastructure concerns like traffic congestion, provision of school places and GP services.

Green belt issues could be problematic. I do appeal to councillors to keep their cool at all times.

The best outcome is for planning consent to be given and then the Blues can confidently march on to the Championship where a big club like Southend truly belongs.

Alternatively, refusal will mean that a proud club, founded back in 1906, will face oblivion which will bring misery to so many fans here in Essex and scattered across the world.

Kick off is at 6pm on Monday October 25. Blues fans that have a positive outlook on life can come along to support their team.

Shouting abuse is strictly forbidden and so are banners. No holding up of red cards please.

If the final vote goes in our favour then a Roots Hall Roar would be appropriate to express our gratitude to those who have worked so hard on this planning application over the last four years.


Ashingdon Road, Rochford