JORDAN Dyer insists Rochford Hundred are in National Two South to compete this season.

Rochford beat Dings Crusaders 22-17 at Magnolia Road to make it back to back victories for the first time this term.

And Dyer, who was among Hundred’s try scorers, feels Danny Cleare’s side are now starting to show they belong at this level.

“We’re here to compete, we’re showing what we can do now which is encouraging and we can only up the gears from here,” said Dyer.

“I think there’s always going be that discovery phase especially it being our first year in Nat Two but if we can keep building on how we’ve been playing the last few weeks there’s no reason we can’t be in that top half.”

Rochford are now 12th in the table and have recovered from a tough start which saw them lose their first three games of the season.

“I think we’re getting used to the level now after a tough start,” said Dyer.

“We know what we need to do to stay in games and get that extra 10 per cent that’s got us over the line the last few weeks.

“We’re still a long way from where we want to be but we’ve shown we can compete and that in itself is an encouraging sign.”

Rochford again showed that determination on Saturday and Dyer was delighted with the win.

“We knew going into it that we were going to have to front-up and we did that,” said Dyer.

“Some of our defensive sets were outstanding alongside some really good scores.”

And Dyer was pleased to contribute to the scoring himself with a try of his own.

“Of course it’s always nice to get on the scoresheet,” said Dyer.

“It was a great spot from Mac and he put it on a plate for me in all fairness, although my eyes did light up when I saw the line I won’t lie!”

Dings went in front with a penalty from Ben Bolster at the weekend before Sam Cappaert levelled things up with a penalty of his own.

Cappaert then created a try for George Griffiths with a well-placed Crossfield kick before he also added the conversion to make it 10-3.

A try from Mark Billings put Rochford further in front at the start of the second before Dings replied with a try to cut Hundred’s lead to 15-10.

Dyer then crashed over to extend Rochford’s lead before the Bristol side rallied and scored another try of their own to make it 22-17.

But Hundred’s outstanding defence stayed strong late on to secure the victory.

Rochford Hundred: Billings, Spivey, Brambley, Needham, Griffiths, Cappaert, Gould, Ridgway, Gardner, Brunger, Shields, Peasnell, Kellard, Strachan, Hudson Replacements: Mundicha, Narogi, Dyer, Daly & Dudman