STAN Collymore has outlined the change of structure being introduced at Southend United.

Former Blues midfielder Kevin Maher remains favourite to replace Phil Brown in charge at Roots Hall.

But Collymore, who was part of a four man panel to pick the new boss, has revealed the new man will be given the title of head coach.

“I think it's important to set out briefly what we are trying to achieve in the football department as it would be easy to solely focus on a manager/head coach and be dragged into "Messiah" syndrome,” said Collymore.

“The club favours the head coach model. Works with the players, motivates, leads and organises them. Their primary role.”

And Collymore also revealed there had been one outstanding candidate.

“There were several excellent candidates in this regard but the panel, four very different men as discussed, were unanimous on one candidate’s quite stunning in depth analysis of the club, playing staff and what he'd do to change outcomes from day one,” said the former Blues striker.

“We haven't solely been interviewing head coaches however.

“Assistant head coach, head of recruitment, head of football operations, first team coach and scouting are also positions that would create a football department.

“It addresses quickly the lack of recruitment success in recent years, a non existent scouting network, giving the head coach the required quality team at Boots and Laces on the grass. We are no longer automatically taking a head coach’s 35 staff as a gimme, they must fit what Southend United need.

“A pathway for talented coaches at the club to succeed with us and a head of football operations who knits everything together alongside and into other areas of the club that need support.”

But Collymore knows it will be a tough challenge.

“It is a complete restructuring of a football club,” said Collymore.

“And as such it comes with risk, turbulence and great challenges.

“But having spoken to several chief executives, owners, directors of football at progressive clubs across the pyramid, every single one has pointed to a significant change of fortunes which is attributed to a change of mentality and structure.

“The messiah employed as the benign dictator to oversee every part of the club is dead.

“To create a sustainable future for Southend United is going to take an incredible amount of hard work but also patience and a change of mindset from you guys, particularly those who are used to the "he goes, he comes in and changes our fortunes".

“This way of doing things is playing Russian roulette and we simply can't afford to anymore.

“We need clarity. We need structure. We need to maximise every single part of the club in order to compete, consolidate and then succeed.”

And explaining more on the role of head coach, Collymore added: “A head coach is incredibly important, but his importance will be measured on improving players, improving the working mood at Roots Hall and Boots and Laces, identifying areas of improvement and then receiving a basket laden with first pick players from around the nation from the head of recruitment to do that.”

Blues, who are currently 20th in the National League, head to Dagenham & Redbridge this weekend.

And Collymore has also held talks with the Shrimpers squad.

“I spoke to the players before, at half time and after the game,” said the former England international.

“I told them that I felt the way some of them had been treated was appalling.

“I told them of my own experiences in wonderful dressing rooms that were vibrant and supportive and of dressing rooms that were broken and left every man for himself.

“I promised them this would change and that their working environment would improve immediately, they would be listened to, helped and improved as footballers and human beings. A promise.

“I believe through a thorough and diligent process that we have found not one, but several parts of a jigsaw that will serve your club incredibly well.”

But Collymore is also keen for fans to play their part.

“You have to fulfil your part of the deal,” said Collymore.

“Support the changes we are making. Trust the hard work that's been done in good faith, in your name. Do your own due diligence on the names that come into the club and ask them questions, you'll have the opportunity to very quickly, I promise.

“Every single person that is the front runner for the roles above I have looked into their eyes and said "Will you give Southend United 24/7 to turn this around "

“All not only said yes but said yes with a pride and enthusiasm that will serve us well if supported from top to bottom.

“You guys, I'll be meeting you, talking to you, explaining to you in person until you see every why, wherefore and how as clear as day. That's my promise to all of you. You'll get it, you'll see it, you'll know it.

“But please, please throw the last Southend United messiah in the bin and close it. We are now a modern, progressive, adult football club that will work transparently in a system to make sure we take steps forward together, not two forward and five back.

“Be patient, ask questions, support every single Southend United employee and we have a real chance.”