ROCHFORD Hundred’s head coach Danny Cleare felt Saturday’s 15-13 defeat at Barnstaple was a ‘missed opportunity’ for his team.

The defeat saw Hundred slip to 13th in the National Two standings and frustrated Cleare whose side had won their previous two outings.

“It was definitely a missed opportunity considering the form we have been in lately and we had a pretty strong team out on paper as well,” said Cleare.

“But we didn’t make the most of the conditions when we had them and perhaps the early rise and long journey played it’s part in that. “We had the conditions in the first half but we weren’t at it.

“We lacked energy and accuracy in what we did and the set piece didn’t function at all.”

And Cleare also felt Rochford wasted some excellent opportunities.

“We also bombed a couple of real guilt edge chances,” said Cleare.

“Harry was really unlucky with an intercept where we would have gone under the posts and we had Ben Kay moment dropping the ball over the line.

“So going into half time with a five point lead was always going to be tough to hold onto.”

Barnstaple did eventually fight back to triumph.

But Cleare was happy with how hard Hundred fought.

“The second half we actually woke up, the effort levels were faultless and we defended heroically at times,” said Cleare.

“But again little mistakes, a soft try and a red card made things difficult.

“But this season is all about learning and it was a message to our boys that hard work and effort isn’t always going to be enough at this level.

“You also need accuracy in your detail and quality in what you do, and that was what was lacking this game.”

Sam Cappaert scored all of Rochford’s points.

Rochford Hundred: Billings, Dudman, Gay, Needham, Dudman, Cappaert, Daly, Brunger, Dyer, Bevans-Royston, Peasnell, Fombo, Sheilds, Strachan, Hudson.