Former Essex cricketer Zoheb Sharif discussed the racism he experienced at the county cricket club in an interview on Good Morning Britain.

Sharif played for Essex in the early 2000s, and says the racist remarks began on the day of his first professional match.

There has been a wide discussion about racism in the world of English Cricket since Azeem Rafiq made accusations of racism and bullying at Yorkshire in September 2020.

Sharif was "shocked and saddened" when he initially heard what Rafiq had gone through as he didn't think that kind of behaviour still happened.

He said: "It's obviously been going on for a lot longer than even probably before I was playing.

"My experiences go back about 20 years now to when I made my debut.

"I was unfortunate enough to make my debut the day after the September the 11th attacks, and I was labelled 'bomber' straight away coming into the changing room."

Sharif described how this was made worse by the game being affected by rain, so the players spent a lot of time in the changing room that day, so the 'bomber' nickname "just stuck".

He added: "This didn't stop, this went on for all the time that I was there, that transistioned to 'curry muncher'".

In an unrelated matter, Essex chairman John Faragher resigned recently following a historical allegation he used racist language at a board meeting in 2017.

The club has promised to investigate all the allegations and referred the matter to the England and Wales Cricket Board.