SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 1-1 draw with Maidenhead.

We lack a lot of things unfortunately and tried our best to gift them the game. Desperately need Bridge back, there’s just not enough width or pace in the side. Lucky we have Murphy.


A poor match between two very poor teams. Got ourselves in front with the only bit of decent play in the first half and then didn't push on in the second. Lucky to get a point with some of the errors we made. The only positive was a good display from Jason.


Lost for words coming out of the game, to be honest. Just so, so flat. Poor in absolutely every aspect of the game, and not really a clue as to why. Felt lucky to get a point against a team we should absolutely be beating.


Utter rubbish. Completely outplayed and bullied in the second half. Lacked a creative spark and some players looked disinterested tonight. After a great win we are brought back to reality tonight and that performance was completed unacceptable.


Feels like a step backwards, we were absolutely woeful particularly in the second half. At least we kept the ball first half. Should have lost the game with the chances we gave them. Reinforcements needed to add legs to the midfield and some pace in general.


With Brunt and Lopata likely to be going, NLS looks guaranteed. This side is too poor to compete.


Another awful display and we were lucky to get a point. With the exception of loanee Brunt who was playing too wide tonight, and the injured Bridge, we have no decent midfield players. Arnold, Ralph, Lopata and the two forwards are OK but the rest are just not good enough.


I didn't see this game as I was still recovering from Woking. I just feel mugged, fed false hope continually, and, after over 60 years of a love affair with our team...beaten into submission. I am not sure I have the energy to care any more.


Another poor performance by the Shrimpers. On another night a better team would have scored a few more goals. Need to start beating the teams down the bottom.


Shocking, really disappointing. Not sure what the half time team talk was but the way they came out second half was unbelievable. Looked like it was hold on for a 1-0 win! Can't think of any player that came out of that well.


Appalling midfield performance. Maidenhead scored because they chased a ball that was a lost cause. Our midfield chased NOTHING into their penalty area. They watched from the halfway line even at the end when Dalby was alone and desperately looking for a team mate to pass to.


Dreadful! Things won't get better until we sign at least two central midfielders who can carry the ball forward with pace. I know Ron puts money in, but to avoid NLS he'll need to dig deeper.


I feel like I’ve gone beyond caring. Main emotion was just boredom. My son had no interest in coming, and there’s going to be a lost generation of fans with this on show. It’s just awful and feels like there is no end!


Absolutely shameful performance, we didn't even deserve a draw. Could not pass the ball at all, no one showing for the ball or making runs,no urgency, no fight, no passion, no pride. Not one player can walk of the pitch tonight and think they deserve to wear the shirt. Disgusting.


10 days to prepare for the game and that's one of the poorest performances all season. Fortunate not to loose. Had no control in the game. Sadly despite all the effort the players give, ultimately the squad is just not good enough.


Terrible second half after a decent first half. Brunt absolutely wasted out on the left.


Blues were outplayed in all areas of the pitch today, a lack of creativity and there is a clear lack of confidence and the inability to withhold a winning mentality. Some serious change needed to help us survive.