ROCHFORD Hundred will continue their ‘learning experience’ in National Two South when they host high-flying Clifton on Saturday.

Third from bottom Rochford are enjoying playing at this level for the first time in their history.

And Hundred’s Harry Hudson feels the club are well placed to build on their debut campaign.

“The season has been a learning experience for the whole club,” said Hudson.

“To be fair, I think the lessons that have been learnt this year will put the club in a better position to be successful next season.

“Off the pitch things are improving and adapting to what a National Two club should be and on the pitch.

“We’ve blooded some really promising youth as well in challenging times so it’s been good.

“I don’t think it’s the season anyone wanted but I think it will end up being the season Rochford needed.”

Hundred were beaten 59-5 at Redruth last time out.

But Rochford had bagged back to back wins prior to the defeat on the road.

“The two wins were nice obviously and very well deserved but a lesson the club will learn for next year is you can’t have a small squad,” said Hudson.

“Additions need to happen.

“When we get our strongest 20 out we can cause a lot of team problems.

“But at this level, you can’t have boys playing every week and expect them to stay injury free.

“So the two wins we got came at a cost and we saw the result of that last week at Redruth.

“To be fair, they’re just better than the team we had out last week. But in the second half, the team dug in and played a little bit of Joeut Union and had a laugh.

“You can’t ask for much more.”

Attention now turns to Saturday’ clash with third placed Clifton.

But Rochford will again be missing players.

“I think the team’s still depleted so to be honest, we will do well to get anything from Clifton,” said Hudson.

“We have Westcliff the next week and we know that’s a big one. “Fombo has been icing his knees for two weeks, Rufai has said his parents will let him play and Mac has agreed to only going on one date on Friday.

“Clifton will be a fun day for the boys but we all know everyone cares about the following week.”

Bottom of the table Westcliff are at fourth placed Worthing this weekend.