THREE divers from Southend Diving competed in three events each against junior divers from all over Britain and also guest divers from France, Sweden, Finland, Canada and the USA.

Abby Rust (14), who joined Southend Diving after being selected through the schools talent search run annually by the Dive Programme, dived in the one metre, three metre and platform events.

Abby showed her diving aptitude throughout and set personal best scores in all three events.

Abby’s newest dive, was also her highest scoring; an inward two and a half somersaults piked, from the 10m board, scored a whopping 46.80 points.

However Abby’s overall best performance was her 1m, where Abby dived herself to the bronze medal.

Connor Laño, 15, also impressed with his 1m performance.

Connor finished the preliminary round in first place after a very consistent list of dives and a top scoring reverse one and a half somersaults piked scoring 56.40 points.

In the final Connor slipped into silver medal position, despite once again making a top score on a dive - this time 58.50 on front one and a half somersaults piked.

Not only did Connor take the silver medal, but also set personal best scores on both his individual boards; 1m and 3m.

Todd Geggus, 15, opened the event with a frustrating result in the 1m , finishing fourth in the final.

However this frustration was turned around in the impressive 3m event where Todd finished both the preliminary round, and the final in first place - becoming National Champion.

Todd clinched the gold with an exception reverse two and a half somersaults tucked, for a massive score of 71.40.

Overall Todd scored well over the European Standard in both the prelim and the final.

Both Todd and Connor also took bronze in the boys 14-18, 3m synchro event.

The boys performed five dives and the last of the five was the top scorer for the pair.

Following these, and other, impressive performances the pair received invites to a British Diving Camp, where the best juniors in the country will all join as one team up in Leeds to perfect their diving skills under the guidance of the country’s best coaches and diving managers.

Head Coach Shân Veasey said: "These young athletes are certainly ones to watch.

"Not only has each of them achieved some impressive personal best scores but they have also smashed some longstanding club records.

"A special mention must go to Todd Geggus, who has proven his natural ability in the sport by exceeding the European Standards also, for a second time this season.

"Congratulations to the team for a successful event."