SOUTHEND United have confirmed their release and retained list following the end of the 2021/22 season. 

Under contract: Steve Arnold (extension triggered), Nathan Ralph (extension triggered), Shaun Hobson (extension triggered), Jack Bridge, Rhys Murphy Sam Dalby, Callum Powell, Jason Demetriou (extension triggered), Jack Wood Ollie Kensdale, Noor Husin and Harry Cardwell.

Offered contracts: Tom Clifford, Collin Andeng Ndi, Jon Benton, Oli Coker and Tommy Davis

Released: Rob Howard, Abu Ogogo, Josh Coulson, James Dunne, Harry Phillips, Lewis Gard, Simeon Akinola, Will Atkinson, Leon Davies , John White, Ashley Nathaniel-George, Matt Rush, Reiss Chandler, Terrell Egbri, Eren Kinali and Miles Mitchell-Nelson