PHOENIX Karate Club were in fine form at the FSKA World Championships in Crawley.

Haley Marney, 3rd Dan, took a small squad to compete in the event to develop confidence and knowledge of competing at this level but not in the expectation of achieving so many medals.

The competition was held over three days separating out age groups.

On day two Phoenix's 10-year-old competitors competed in both Kata and Kumite.

The team kata competitors included Josh Gooch, 12, Christian Ugiagbe, 12 and Millie Betts, 13, and they achieved a fantastic bronze.

Mille teamed up with Christian as a pair team kata and achieved bronze again while Millie then also achieved a bronze in individual kata.

Christian competed in kumite and he narrowly missed out in the final to be awarded a silver medal in 12 and under individual brown and black belt kumite.

He also entered an event that includes both kata and kumite in an event called FukuGo (Kata and Kumite).

This is recognised as the event to win as means you are the all round competitor and he was awarded bronze in the category. 

The younger under 10’s competed on the third day, with many in action for the first time.

The club's youngest competitors - Archie Catchpole, Vinny Lant and Amara Marney - were in the team kata event and were all awarded silver medals.

Kenzi Elsnashar competed in Under 10 year old Kyu Grade and was awarded a bronze medal.

Louie Lant, the twin brother of Vinny, competed in the under seven kata low grade category and was awarded a silver medal with a very strong kata performance with Vinny in third.

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