SOUTHEND United supporter groups have transferred more than £20,000 to the club via a conditional donation.

Fans worked together to help the cash-strapped Shrimpers who have still not paid all of their staff for October.

And a statement from the groups has now confirmed the money has been handed over.

The statement said: “Today we have transferred the funds donated so far to Southend United via a conditional donation.

“The conditions are that the monies transferred must only be used for staff salaries and that an element of oversight on future spending (to the value of the donation) is to be provided when bridging finance is provided (as promised by Ron Martin).

“The group would collectively like to thank everyone who donated, your generosity is very much appreciated and will make a big difference to staff still waiting for their October salary.”

But the statement added the donation would still not be enough to ensure staff are paid.

And, as a result, their GoFundMe page will be remaining open.

The statement said: “Sadly, we did not quite meet our target and in fact the (October) salary situation was marginally worse than originally stated.

“As it stands therefore some hard-working staff will not be paid in full for October.

“This is simply not acceptable and we applaud these individuals for continuing to provide support to the football club at this time.

“The staff deserve respect. They have bills, mortgages, rent etc to pay and to be consistently let down by those expected to provide finance is just not fair on them or their families.

“We are therefore keeping the GoFundMe campaign going for a little longer with the hope that we could raise a little bit more to reach that target. “ And the groups remain concerned for the club’s future.

They added: “As stated before, until such time as the bridging finance is in place, we believe Southend United FC will remain in a precarious financial position.

“This problem is not going to go away, and we are exploring methods for continuing to raise essential funds over the next few months.

“Support the team, not the regime.”


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