RYAN Peniston admitted it 'did not feel real' playing on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

Peniston - who is from Great Wakering - was beaten 6-3, 6-0, 6-1 by two time champion Sir Andy Murray.

And Peniston initially found it hard to keep calm.

"I couldn't really believe it was happening," Peniston told Echosport.

"I was trying to maintain the calmness but it was impossible.

"Maybe midway through the first set was when it kind of started to settle down a bit.

"But the first 20 minutes or so it didn't feel real at all."

Peniston fought hard with Murray in the first set and had break point opportunities in two games before the Scotsman made the most of a chance of his own to triumph 6-3.

Peniston went on to win just one more game in the final two sets.

And the 27-year-old admitted Murray was just too good for him.

"Andy played a pretty clean match I thought," said Peniston.

"The scoreline was definitely one-sided for him but I felt like we had a lot of good rallies and close, close points that went his way.

"It did feel like he was too good today."

Despite that, Peniston received a huge ovation from a packed stadium which also included several members of his family and many of his friends.

"We had a lot of tickets today which was great," said Peniston.

"We gave them out to friends and family but my coach, Mark (Taylor) is the one who sorted it because it would be a bit mad if I was sorting it as well.

"But it was really cool to have close friends and family all there watching, going through the experience with me.

"It was amazing."

However, it was not just Peniston's family in attendance as tennis legend Roger Federer and the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton were also watching on.

"I saw them on the TV while I was waiting to play but I didn't know if they were going to still be there when we were playing," said Peniston.

"Obviously I saw they were and it was definitely surreal looking up in the box and seeing them watching.

"It was an honour and the whole experience was great.

"Obviously it wasn't the result I wanted because I wanted to try to go out and win.

"But Andy is an amazing player and overall it was still an amazing experience for me."

Peniston will now be heading to play in Spain on the Challenger Tour.

But he remains eager to get back on Centre Court.

"One hundred percent I would love to get back there," said Peniston.

"I'm obviously not taking today for granted but to be back there again would be awesome and something I will certainly be working towards."