RYAN Peniston feels Andy Murray could win Wimbledon again this year.

Peniston was beaten in straight sets by the two-time champion on Centre Court on Tuesday.

And Peniston is certain Murray still has what it takes to go all the way in SW19.

"He played really well today," Peniston told Echosport at Wimbledon.

"I just think why not? Why can't he go and win it?"

Murray, who last won Wimbledon back in 2016, beat Wakering's Peniston 6-3, 6-0, 6-1.

And Peniston was impressed with how the 36-year-old performed.

"He definitely played well," said the former Southend High pupil.

"I think the main thing that Andy did well was that he was just relentless on every point.

"I had quite a few games where I was 30-0 up and had game points too but he was relentless on every point.

"That's why the scoreline was like it was."

But Peniston also knows that is down to Murray's work ethic.

"He is where he is because of the way he practices," said Peniston.

"He's on every ball and that's why he's so good."