JUSTIN Rees is the Australian leading a consortium to buy Southend United, the Echo understands.

Shrimpers chairman Ron Martin revealed in the High Court this morning how he expected the club to be sold to 'an Australian chap' by the end of September.

And it is believed Mr Rees is now very much the frontrunner in question to buy the club.

Mr Rees is listed as the co-founder of Eighty20 Solutions on his LinkedIn page having studied at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Mr Rees has previously worked for Liquid Capital Group Derivatives Trading where he was a trainee trader before becoming program manager at Westpac.

Echo: Interested - Justin ReesInterested - Justin Rees (Image: LinkedIn)

Mr Rees was then also program manager at Transport for NSW before setting up Eighty20 Solutions in March 2018.

He has since stepped away from the company and has his sights sets on the Shrimpers, heading up a consortium made up of local businessmen.

Mr Rees has met with members of Blues staff and has also spoken to MP Anna Firth.

Ms Firth said: "I am aware of the potential buyer and have had several conversations with him and believe they are committed to the purchase and have the club’s best interest at heart.

"I am sure you will understand I cannot provide more details at this time but will endeavour to update you again as soon as I am able."

Speaking in court, Mr Martin insisted due diligence was very advanced with the buyer and also stressed he expected the sale to have been completed before the club's next visit to the High Court in early October.

Mr Martin added the sale of the club would see £2million become available to pay off the companies in court who are still owed money by the club.