SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin believes the club’s debt is putting off potential buyers.

The Shrimpers remain in a dire financial position and came close to being wound up in the High Court on Wednesday.

And Martin feels it is those issues which is making Blues hard to sell along with the ongoing costs.

“I think what's putting people off is the current debt and also much more importantly the cost of running the club going forward, but it's nothing to do with property,” Martin told TalkSPORT.

“I've spent £2.7million since February 27 in trying to save the club.

“My message is that I do want to save the club and I do want to sell it.

“I've got other things to do in my life, not least for my family, and I want to move on.

“I'm not just an owner of the football club, I’m an effin’ fan as well and I've been supporting this club, home and away, for 24 years, every single weekend.”

Martin was told in court the Shrimpers would have been wound up if they were not a football club.

And Martin thought Judge Prentis was sympathetic towards Blues’ issues.

“I think the judge had empathy with the club,” said Martin.

“I think he was making the point that this is our third adjournment.

“If you look back at other clubs, they've had many more adjournments than that, but we have made progress during those times.

“Creditors’ bills have been reduced and we paid £80,000 on Monday to HMRC so by the time that we got to court, their bill that started off with £325,000 now down to £170,000, so it's becoming more manageable.”

However, Martin is not sure if he will be able to pay off the outstanding figure.

“The club will not have the resources to discharge it by the six weeks,” he said.

“I will have to find additional money if I was going to save the club, and I don't know whether I can do that.

“There's not a bottomless pit.”