A SOUTHEND United supporter group have explained why they voted against the special resolution passed at the club’s extraordinary general meeting.

The meeting saw South Eastern Leisure (UK) Limited increase their shareholding of the Shrimpers to 95 per cent as “part of a pre-condition of the purchase of the club” by the consortium headed up by Justin Rees.

But the Southend United Fan Protest Group did not want that to happen.

A statement from the group said: “Those of us present at the EGM voted against the resolutions.

“It has always been our primary aim and position for maximum fan involvement in the club, up to and including ownership.

“This resolution dilutes present fans taking us further from that goal.

"We don’t believe the consortium, or anyone else for that matter, need 95 per cent of the club.

“Due diligence will continue, which will hopefully enable the consortium to complete on their 95 per cent ownership.”

But the group are keen for the consortium to have open relationship with the club’s fans.

“We advocate that they start to engage the supporters groups with transparency and enter into discussions as to how the fan base can contribute to and safeguard the future of the club,” added the group.

“There are thousands of us standing ready to support the club and offer our time, money and effort in good faith, to benefit the club.”