SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 1-0 defeat to York City at Roots Hall.

The siege mentality has gone. We have new owners, the embargo lifted and lots of new contracts issued. The world is no longer against us. We should have done better today that's for sure but I give York some credit too - always liked Alex Woodyard when he was here.


Like last week v Gateshead. They defended well & sneaked a win. So much possession and no end result. Chesterfield away was a perfect example of clinical finishing. We move forward then pass it around. Let's be direct & get the wins to avoid relegation fight. Crowther my POTM.


Thoroughly deserved and worrying defeat. Don't need Morton and Miley at the back of midfield. Dackers and Waldron so far much less impressive than Sandat (and Kabongolo to be honest). We are in a relegation struggle now and suddenly have doubts how prepared we are for it.


The relegation alarm bells are now ringing loud and clear. Ironically Kev’s toughest test of the season is now to come.


Relegation battle. That's it. Not a blip, not a bad run of form. This is, from now until the end of the season, a relegation battle. The players need to turn it up a gear for the next four months. The last two performances have been beyond flat and I'm more than anxious now.


Decision making was the issue today. Didn't cross when we should, when we did cross strikers not gambling, we try to play it across the box with no option to pull it back. Crowther good game but HAS to shoot, not try rounding the keeper. We have to improve and VERY quickly.




If we keep playing the way we have been, we'll do well to stay up. We've lost that fighting spirit we had in the first half of the season, but we need it now more than ever to avoid regional football.


Crowther, Kensdale and Ralph excellent as was Morton, but the rest non existent. Couldn't buy a goal at the moment, and next week's game now becomes massive and we have to be up for the fight.


Same outcome as last week against Gateshead - we had lot of the ball but not a threat in final third. Need a plan B as teams are wise to Bridge and double up on him. Still need to get the ball into the box a lot earlier. Also need to learn how to play against physical teams.


Teams have now worked us out and are happy for us to have the ball in wide areas. We are too predictable and slow. We take too many touches on the ball before getting a cross in or heaven forbid try to shoot. Midfield today was non-existent and the forwards fed off scraps.


Poor performance look lacklustre. The energy and fight has gone to a certain extent and will be down to the players be burnt out due to the Embargo and lack of squad all season up until now. Must say players need to take responsibility and shoot though. Morton fantastic MOTM.


Four or five touches to do anything; scared to shoot; over reliance again on Bridge against a team who knows us and put three defenders on him. Waldron yet to show, and lack firepower across the park.


Very worrying performance and an even worse result. First time I’ve found myself questioning Kev and his in game management. He doesn’t have a plan B. We are in a relegation battle, make no mistake about it.