A PREMIER League football club could be exploring Basildon as a potential option for a new training ground, it has been claimed.

ExWHUemployee, a source reportedly close to the club and an expert on West Ham news, has provided an update on a new training facility.

The co-host of the popular podcast and news site The West Ham Way has claimed the club is looking at a potential site in Basildon.

ExWHUemployee, who has more than 150,000 followers on Twitter, said the current training ground is “degrading”.

On this week’s podcast of The West Ham Way, Ex said: “The club are in the process of looking to build a new training ground.

“They are currently looking at potential sites, with one in Basildon understood to be in consideration, as the club require large acres of land to build the new facility.

“The current training ground at Rush Green is degrading and the club are now looking to improve on the situation, although it is important to stress this is at the provisional stage.”

Back in December, West Ham United had plans to construct a new training building at their current Rush Green site.

Over the years the club has used it for their youth and reserve team training, and it is now their base for the men’s first team and under-21s team.

A planning officer’s report suggested that the approved training building had been meant for West Ham Ladies, whereas now it will be earmarked for the under-21s team.

Craig Rimmer, Conservative councillor for economic stimulus and tourism, wasn’t aware of the claims.

However, he said it would be welcomed in the borough if it was something the club were looking at.

Mr Rimmer added: “I honestly haven’t heard of it.

“A lot of Premier league clubs do have other training grounds, usually they are close to where their main stadium is.

“It is within realms of possibility I guess, but I haven’t heard anything about this.

“I think it would be welcomed in the borough. There is a lot of support for the club locally and in Essex and I am sure it would become a mini tourist attraction as well as being generally good for the economy and jobs.”

West Ham United has been contacted for comment by the Echo.