SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 0-0 draw with Woking.

Watching paint dry would have been infinitely more fun. Credit to Demi and Collin for their performance but the rest of the team were looking wistfully at the seaside, dreaming of those amber sunsets frames by a still, cool Mediterranean Sea.


Extremely poor from both sides, no creativity and struggled to have any clear cut chances. Subs never made a difference, will put that one to bed. Was gutted I had to endure an added six mins of injury time! Still keep the unbeaten run going.


Uninspiring , dire, passionless. Up there as one of the worse performances under this management team.


Very poor performance today. Many players looked off it today. Luckily they were just as bad. Let's take the positives though. Another point and still unbeaten.


Very poor game. Don’t think anyone covered themselves with glory and possibly Crowther's worst game for us. Wasn’t worth getting up early for after a night shift and was actually glad I had to leave early for work!


Disappointing performance, seemed to be an inability to string passes together, and a lack of width. Played ourselves into trouble far too much, some of them looked quite unsettled. Noor looked shattered.


Shocking display, but looking at it its another point to safety. Thought Ralph was superb and Noor kept going but everyone else was well below par. Stark reminder today that we need two quality strikers for next season.


Awful game total lack of quality on both sides. The players have given their all this season however today I was disappointed as a big crowd who wanted to be entertained. We seemed to play our best football during the embargo and seemed to miss that United from Southend today.


Awful game. Neither team looked likely to score. Had a real end of season feel to it, with both teams looking tired. Would still take this position than the one we potentially faced at beginning of season.


It was a very scrappy game. I’d say it was very much a 0-0 and neither team did enough to deserve the win.


Not a great amount of quality play - can’t remember a shot on target. Even the pigeons were setting up home on the crossbar second half.


Won’t be one for the history books. It’s not been pretty of late but the season objective of staying up is all but now done. That has taken a lot of effort out of everyone. Have a proper pre season (RM still here) and then can judge from there onwards.


Poor game, but we got a point that took us one point further away from relegation zone. Need to do better than that next season if we want playoffs or better, but don’t blame a tired team that’s had multiple setbacks.