LONG-SUFFERING Southend United fans are again fearing for the club’s future.

Shrimpers supporters had hoped the off-field issues has been consigned to the past since the consortium’s involvement.

But, with the deal yet to be completed and with another winding up petition being issued against Blues, the Roots Hall faithful are feeling anxious once again.

Shrimpers supporter Charlotte Liddle said: “It sounds dramatic but I’m heartbroken.

“I was really hoping after everything, we’d end the season on a high.

“The team on and off the pitch deserve better and absolutely gutted.”

And those sentiments were echoed by another keen Blues fan, Jonathan Burt.

He said: “It’s depressing, I’m speechless and so disappointed,”

“It keeps continuing with more twists than the Fast and Furious franchise.”

Blues battled through a whole host of problems during the opening few months of the season including being deducted 10 points after failing to pay off an HMRC debt before a deadline set by the National League.

The Shrimpers were also hindered by a transfer embargo for 15 months which restricted their squad size to just 16 players while staff were also paid late on several occasions.

But Jamie Forsyth, from the All At Sea Fanzine, feels the latest developments have thrown up even more talking points. 

He said: "More questions than answers. Will this result in another points deduction or embargo? 

"Credit to the consortium making a statement and you can hardly blame them for not paying off debts accrued by the previous regime."

But some supporters, including Sam Bayda, have not been shocked by the developments

"I’m sure none of us are surprised with Ron’s behaviour," he said.

"Surely there must be something the council can do to force Ron, otherwise I fear he will want and get the last laugh."

And Lee Whittick has also been left bemused.

"I'm frustrated and angry with the situation," said Whittick.

"I'm pleased that our new owners feel they should keep fans informed.

"Thought the council might have moved quicker on this after all their self congratulatory statements when the takeover was announced.

"Least said about Ron Martin the better."