HERE'S how Southend United fans are feeling heading into the final game of the National League season with an outside chance of the Shrimpers still being able to reach the play-offs.

Tomorrow doesn’t define us. There’s no pressure. We’ve had a remarkable season and tomorrow should be a celebration


Looking forward to it. Very, very unlikely that both results will go our way so most likely a chance to celebrate the players and staff for an amazing effort in front of a packed Roots Hall. Also looking forward to the first false crowd rumour of an Eastleigh or Dagenham goal!


Bit annoyed it's an early kick off.




Still got a club and that’s all that matters. Anything else is a bonus- but if we do it it’d be unreal.


Relaxed. Given up on the play offs a long time ago so just enjoying the fact we are even in with a chance. Just can’t see neither Aldershot or Halifax picking up at least a point. Players and management will get a great send off regardless of the outcome.


I'm pretty calm about it. Whatever will be will be. A few weeks ago, I never thought we would be in with a shout. I'll be there cheering Kev, the backroom staff, and the players for an incredible season, whatever happens. Just need to get rid of RM soon?


What will be will be. It has been a wonderful season on the pitch regardless of how things pan out tomorrow. Happy just to be there and give this squad the ovation it deserves. (And will also have my son checking Live Score roughly every 30 seconds).


We must enjoy the day regardless of outcome and pay huge respect to the players and team management. They are all heroes whether we make the play-offs or not. Our story is the THE story of the football season. Sadly, off field issues still cast a shadow.


Pretty relaxed. Whatever happens tomorrow this team have performed above and beyond. We should be on 75 points and fourth and we must recognise that achievement. This team, management and staff are heroes and legends for what they have done for us fans and the badge.


Totally relaxed and unexpectant, hoping for a win and getting ready to salute an incredible season (but I HAVE just put a tenner on promotion at 100/1. Rude not to).


Excited, nervous but above all proud regardless of what happens in this match and elsewhere. My favourite team in over 40 years as a Shrimper - and I know that’s an opinion widely held by others too. Just magnificent regardless of results today.